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15 Signs You Grew Up In Stamford CT

15 Signs You Grew Up In Stamford CT

From an addiction to Donut Delights to always going to St. Leo's Fair, these are the 15 signs you grew up in Stamford CT!

Stamford has a ton of unique qualities about it that residents have come to love. From an addiction to Donut Delights to St. Leo’s Fair, these are the 15 signs you grew up in Stamford CT!

1. Stamford High vs Westhill

I will start off big. The Stamford High/Westhill rivalry is the biggest rivalry of all time. No questions about it.

2. Stamford vs Norwalk

There was hatred¬†between Norwalk and Stamford. No matter what, we didn’t back down from Norwalk.


3. You lived off of Garden Catering (AKA Reddi Rooster)

This was the spot, especially in middle school. You went here and got your usual size, whether it be the high school special or the grandfather.¬†You didn’t get anything else.

4. Lomo was life at some point

For some reason, everyone had an obsession with lomo. You got it during school for lunch, or after school and definitely had an obsession at some point.

5. You know Donut Delight is better than Dunkin

Donut Delight always has a line backed up to the road, especially the drive thru locations. No one ever brought Dunkin to school, it was all about Donut Delight.


6. The Public Art

All these horses and pyramids have you kinda confused. It’s like a part of a “Make Stamford Great Again” thing and it is weird.

7. Bobby Valentine

We all know Bobby V’s is practically family to all of Stamford or at least we like to think that.

8. Alive@Five

Alive@Five in the summer is where everyone wants to be. The music, drinking, and people are all you need. Especially the drinking.


9. The Pit

The place to meet up was the mall and in the mall was the pit. It’s the nice little area where Santa is around Christmas.

10. Pitney Bowes

You or your parents worked at that factory. Everyone worked there.

11. Dairy Queen

Donuts Delight is not the only place backed up. Dairy Queen’s lines could be over an hour and a half wait. But you waited in it anyways.

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12. St. Leo’s Fair

When the St. Leo’s Fair came around, you went. This was always the sad sign that school was just around the corner again.

13. Sledding

You went sledding at Cummings as a kid and definitely went down the dreaded bump. You loved it to the point that you went down until you got hurt and broke your foot in three different places, like my mom.


14. Cove and Scalzi

These two parks were where you went to get your fresh air. Baseball games at Scalzi were always a favorite. The basketball courts were always played on to the point where they had to be replaced. You loved the purple dinosaur at Scalzi and let’s not forget about Terry Connors at Cove.

15. Stillmeadow

As long as you didn’t go to Stillmeadow you said “Stillmeadows still ghetto” at least once in your life. Even if it was a joke. I do not care who you are, you said it.

Do you have any other signs you grew up in Stamford CT!? Share in the comments below!

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