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15 Signs You Grew Up In Mount Olive NJ

15 Signs You Grew Up In Mount Olive NJ

From "Flagels" to an obsession with Dunks, there are some things only people from Mount Olive can get. Here are 15 signs you grew up in Mount Olive NJ!

You’ve probably never heard of Mount Olive NJ, unless you live in the surrounding areas. But, there are certain qualities that make living here unique! These are the 15 signs you grew up in Mount Olive NJ!

1. Mount Olive Runs On Dunkin’

There’s quite literally 5 Dunkin’ Donuts locations just in the small town of Mount Olive. You’ll always find people there, whether it be high schoolers making a “Dunkin’ run” before class or adults┬ágrabbing a coffee before work.

2. “Team” Rivalry

At MOMS, the middle school, each grade is divided into three different teams: red, yellow, and white. This could change from year to year, or you could end up on the same team each year. There was always the stigma that red team was the best, but I beg to differ. Yellow all the way!


3. A Football Team That Never Fails To Fail

Football games at MOHS are always hyped up. The student section is wild; creating videos with GoPros, splitting the “Red Sea,” you name it. Yet, even with a recent change of coaches, our football team still can’t seem to win a significant number of games.

4. Sombrero Man

If you lived in Flanders around 2010-2011, you know exactly who Sombrero Man is. He is just a friendly man that walked everywhere in Flanders and Roxbury. He was willing to take pictures and have nice conversations. Rumor has it, he was even a substitute teacher at some of the schools in Mount Olive!

5. Bagels Are Now Exclusively “Flagels”

No bagel can ever beat ones from Flanders Bagels, or as residents of MO call it, Flagels. No more store-bought ‘Thomas’ bagels. Taylor ham, egg, and cheese please!


6. Beware Of Budd Lake

Budd Lake, one of the towns Mount Olive is comprised of, is appropriately named after a lake, Budd Lake. This lake used to be filled with sailboats and kids playing on fun slides in the more shallow water by the shore. Now, there are no lifeguards on the sad beach and who knows what lies beneath the surface of that gross water.

7. ITC Or Bust

Do you need anything? A trip to Walmart? Quick stop at McDonald’s for some fries? Need to pick up some food for your pets at PetsMart? ITC, or the International Trade Center, has it all! Your one-stop shop!

8. Skyzone

A newer addition to Mount Olive, but an increasingly popular stop for many! You can find many MOHS students working there in order to try and pay for their stops at Dunkin’ or to start saving up money for college!


9. School Is Always In Session

Even with heavy snow on the ground, you will find Mount Olive students trekking to their bus stops and cars to make it to school. Districts surrounding Mount Olive will have delays or closures, but Mount Olive keeps on pushing on.

10. “The Choice Is Yours”

A typical day at MOHS would not be complete with principal Kevin Stansberry’s famous “The choice is yours” at the end of the morning announcements.

11. Turkey Brook Park

If you were involved in any sport as a child, your days were most likely spent at the fields of Turkey Brook. Now with the advancements of the playground, addition of the Splash Pad, and the turf fields added to the park, Turkey Brook is the place to be for fun as a kid! Not to mention the annual MO Carnival hosted in July which always is a blast.

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12. No Signs Of Pizza Shortages

Everyone in Mount Olive has their own favorite pizzeria, as there are so many to choose from. There’s Valentinos, Uncle Sal’s, Branda’s, Frank’s, Vincenzo’s, Enzo’s, the list goes on. You’ll never need to buy a frozen pizza ever again!

13. “Which Town Do You Live In?”

Mount Olive itself is not a town, it’s a township. Instead, Mount Olive is comprised of Flanders, Budd Lake, and some of Long Valley, Hackettstown, and Roxbury. If you need a ride somewhere, you better make sure it is someone near you, or they will complain that you live in “the middle of nowhere” or “east ‘Jabib.'”


14. Harvard On The Hill

Many students at MOHS decide to go to the local community college, County College of Morris, or CCM. It is nicknamed “Harvard on the Hill” for the reasons you would expect. It’s a good school, but it certainly is no Harvard.

15. No Matter How Much You Complain, You’ll Always Be Back

Whether it is just to visit some friends and family, visit some teachers, or even grab your favorite sandwich at Flagels, you’ll always be back, regardless of how much you may want to leave. Mount Olive is your home and always will be!

Do you have any other signs you grew up in Mount Olive NJ?! Share in the comments below!

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