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15 Things Only People Who Grew Up In California Understand

15 Things Only People Who Grew Up In California Understand

Take a look at these signs you grew up in California! If you were born and raised here, you will not be disappointed with this list.

Aww, sunny California, the land of palm trees and sandy beaches where one can run into their favorite celebrity at the grocery store. This is the California that most people picture. This is the California from the movies. But there is more to California than meets the eye. I’ve compiled a list of  15 things that only people who grew up in California will understand. Take a look and see how many sound familiar to you!

1. Traffic is a nightmare!

Traffic is the stuff of legend in California. After all, it is home to the 405 freeway also known as the world’s largest parking lot. If you are planning to get anywhere in California, you better plan ahead. If you have a doctor’s appointment in 20 minutes, you should have left an hour ago. You think I’m exaggerating, but any Californian will tell you that it’s the sad truth.These are the signs you grew up in California!

2. In-N-Out is the only fast food worth mentioning.

In-N-Out is fast food gospel out here in California.  Until recently, it was uniquely Californian which makes it hella cool. If you’re from here (and not vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian), then you’ve probably devoured everything on the whole menu. And if you’re in with the cool California kids, then you’ve even made your rounds of their secret menu. Flying Dutchman anyone?


3. California has no weather.

This statement isn’t completely true. What I meant to say is that California has all types of weather which could make it hard to get dressed in the morning. It is the land of extremes meaning that you can wake up to a foggy, chilly, morning, and be sitting in an oven by noon. But California also has climates for all types of people. If you are into the cold, head up north to San Francisco. If you like a drier climate, visit Palm Springs. Are you more of a beach person? Then head to Santa Monica. California has no weather, but all types of climate.These are the signs you grew up in California!

4. Disneyland is not just for kids.

If you grew up in California, you know that Disneyland is in fact, the Happiest Place on Earth. And though some of us act like it’s no big deal that we live in the same state as Mickey, we jump at the chance to go visit him! Sure, we have Six Flags and Knotts Berry Farm but nothing beats a playdate with our favorite mouse. Not even, their counterparts in Florida. Sorry Florida, but the original is always better than the copy.These are the signs you grew up in California!

5. Things can get expensive!

California has beat New York as the most expensive state in the United States. Hard to believe, I know! This means that rent could cost you a pretty penny, meaning that you are more likely to be living in an apartment with three roommates than a Hollywood mansion. My apologies to all those who thought living in California meant you automatically got a condo on the beach! Believe me, I’m bummed too!These are the signs you grew up in California!


6. Only someone who isn’t from California calls it “Cali.”

States nicknames are given to them from people who probably have never lived there. Calling California “Cali” is the equivalent of calling New York, “The Big Apple” or Chicago, “Chi Town.” It just seems wrong! Let’s just stick to California shall we?These are the signs you grew up in California!

7. Earthquake and fire insurance are a must!

California has some of the most beautiful open spaces and national parks. We are surrounded by amazing nature! However, this has its pitfalls. Fires happen here all too often, especially during the intense summer heat waves. With drastic weather conditions, it is best to be prepared! If the Big Quake happens, you better make sure all your valuables are insured! If you grew up in California you know this!

8. If there is one thing we love, it’s avocado!

Have you ever perused a menu at a restaurant and noticed that almost anything with the word “California” in its name has avocado in it? The sushi. The burger. The ice cream? Yes folks! Even ice cream has gotten the avocado treatment here. Given that California is a state obsessed with its fitness and diets, having a healthy fat around makes things much more manageable. And tastier!These are the signs you grew up in California!


9. We can’t take the cold.

Since California has no sense of weather, it is hard to adapt to other states climate. Anything below 70 degrees is freezing by Californian’s standards. The coldest weather we could stand is probably a foggy day in San Francisco. But ask us to take a trip to New York or London and we’ll probably freeze to death, which sucks for those of us who wanted to live there one day. Bring on the layers and blankets! If you grew up in California, you will relate to this.These are the signs you grew up in California!

10. California is home to some of  the best Mexican food!

With its diverse population, California has some of the best cultural restaurants around! California has a huge Mexican population which brings some of the best Mexican dishes to this diverse state. There is a taco truck on every corner and small restaurants serving authentic Mexican food! Some favorites include King Taco and Salsa and Beer. Yum!These are the signs you grew up in California!

11.We don’t get much rain.

California has been going through a drought, so you best believe that any time we get a drizzle out here, it is an exciting event. Most Californians are ill prepared for the rain, so get ready for us to complain about just having washed the car when unexpected rain came or rejoice over the fact that we got a free car wash!These are the signs you grew up in California!

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12. Not everyone lives by the beach.

Let this myth die! Thank you Hollywood for making everyone think that we all live in condos by the beach and wear bikinis all the time and have the perfect tan! I don’t even know how to swim and I’ve lived here my whole life. If you are one of the lucky ones who did score a condo by the beach, can I house sit for you? If you grew up in California, you realize this.These are the signs you grew up in California!

13. Famous people don’t walk around everywhere.

There is this misconception that if you live in California, you see movie stars everywhere you go. While they are regular people, who run errands and live life. Spotting someone famous is nearly impossible. Most celebrities keep to themselves and are hardly seen out. They live private lives and probably hire people to shop for them. So better luck next time!


14. Museums are a great outing choice!

California is home to some great museums including The Getty, LACMA, and the newly open Broad. While most people think California is all about the beach, a great alternative is to take in the art scene and check out great works by artists like Van Gogh and Basquiat! This is one of the signs you grew up in California if you frequent museums!

These are the signs you grew up in California!

15. We take pride in sports!

Whether we are cheering on The Dodgers or rooting for the Lakers, California has a big sporting community. There is not a day when you walk down the street and not see people reppin’ their favorite sports team on a shirt or cap. Next time you’re in town be sure to  watch a game at the Staple Center!These are the signs you grew up in California!


Which of these signs you grew up in California do you relate to? Let us know below.

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