20 Signs You Grew Up In A Mexican Household

Some of us bleed green, white, and red! Read on to find out 20 signs you grew up in a Mexican household.

We all know about that Saturday morning when you wake up to music blasting in your living room in Latino households as a sign it’s cleaning day, but some things are not seen in every Latino household. Some of us bleed green, white, and red! Read on to find out 20 signs you grew up in a Mexican household.

1. I mean you might not be super Catholic, but c’mon!

You HAVE to have at least one frame with Virgin Mary if not many. You might even find it surrounded by roses as if this was #LaRosadeGuadalupe.

IMG_1572 (1)


2. Walk to the kitchen and you’ll be sure to find La Santa Cena hanging up on your wall!


3. Did you forget to MARK your calendar?!!

When your mom only writes down events and doctor appointments in your local tienda latina calendar. #Relatable



4. The SPICY debate? No, not even a question!

You may have both hot sauces in your kitchen but, honestly…do you even have to think about which one to use??? #ValentinaFTW



5. Decisions…decisions.

We all know the real deal is an authentic tortilla. We don’t buy tortillas, we make them. Catch us making them by hand or using this sweeeeet tortilla press. However, we must thank our #comal.




6. This is your Sunday breakfast.

Conchas on conchas on conchas. Who doesn’t get excited when you go to la panaderia???



7. Hershey’s? Milky Way? Kisses? Twix? Sour Patch Kids? I don’t know them.

Nothing better than a vero mango paleta when your tooth is craving candy. Duvalin is your to-go chocolate. #Irreplaceable


8. Dad, we’re going to Mexico…?! Let’s pull out THOSE suitcases.

When you’re Mexican and you’re traveling to Mexico during summer/winter break, you pull out those old, not to mention HUGE suitcases out of the closet. You know you have to fill them up with ENDLESS gifts for your tias, tios, abuelos, primas, primos, etc. Also, we need one for that food we’re bringing back babyyy!


9. Classic Christmas Dinner

Mom spends all day making these tasty tamales in THAT ONE POT. #TAMALESZN



10. Caution: 50% soap

Mama taught me that when your hand soap or shampoo bottle is running out, pour in that agua!



11. Our backyard drying machine.

For the dirtiest clothes, we know about the line that is connected from one tree to the other. #Solarenergy


12. Your dad’s favorite shoe.

You have no idea where your dad bought this shoe or when he did but he always wears it!! Also, those flower sandals that come in different colors you would wear as a child. Do you remember?



13. It’s a fashion statement to keep us safe from the evil spirits.

We always see these beads laying around but never actually wear them. The only thing we wore as a baby was the red/gold/black bracelet.



14. Can I eat the decorations?

Sometimes they’re fake…sometimes they’re real but regardless they’re ALWAYS fruits (and maybe vegetables)



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15. The only utensils you’ll ever need.

Imported from Mexico, they will mix everything/anything better than any store-bought machine.



16. …Okay, do you get it? We love fruits.

Let’s face it, all of our tablecloths have some kind of fruit on them. #healthy



17. Apparently, this is mustard.

We love to keep our jars and bottles and fill them up with random condiments that don’t even have a name!! #ReduceReuseRecycle



18. Oven= Food Closet

Why do we do this?! We have to take everything out when we bake! Wait..we go to la panaderia.




19. This is how we learn.

I guess we really do love sunlight and planets. I mean don’t you have the tv turned on to that lady reading your daily horoscope and talking about the planets every morning?



20. But most importantly, we can’t learn in the dark…

Simple Rule: You’re not Mexican if you don’t own these candles. #Alwaysprepared


What are some other signs you grew up in a Mexican household? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: www.mymexicancandy.com