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5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

On average, when people buy wine, it’s just because it happens to be in the grocery store and it’s cheap most of the time. We don’t know what we’re buying, other than it’s red or white and some of us like sweet and some like bitter, but that’s about it. This article will give you 5 great wines and the perfect food to pair them with to take your experience to the next level!

Cotes du Rhone White

Now this first wine is delicious all by itself. Cotes du Rhone White is a perfect dinner wine for a romantic date night with your significant other. Set the table, around 7pm, maybe outside with some lights around and some slow jams. This great wine goes great with white fish. It can be cod, rainbow trout, salmon, or any type of white fish that you like, cooked any way you like! Add some lemon and dill to this dish and your date will think this is date night is unmatched!

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

Cotes du Rhone Red

Yes, there is a difference between Cotes du Rhone White and Cotes du Rhone Red and they also go good with different foods! They’re both good wines for a date night, however this red one goes with a different meat. Instead of fish, this red wine goes great with steak, grilled steak to be exact. The best way to make this steak is to cover it with chimichurri sauce as you’re grilling it. Chimichurri sauce is an uncooked sauce made with chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, vinegar and red pepper. There are two different versions of it, one is green and one is red, so it would be totally up to you to chose which one fits your liking.

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

Pinot Noir

This wine is perfect for a chill night with friends and family. Y’all can hang out by the pool, play some card games, and get some music and the grill going. Yes, that’s right, I said grill, because this  great wine goes with all-time favorite meal…the hamburger! Now unlike the two before, there are no special ingredients for how you have to cooked this burger. You can have it anyway you like, with any toppings, and any sauce and the Pinot Noir will just take it over the top. This is one of the highest great wines we will talk about today, so it won’t feel like too much when your guests are enjoying it with the burger!

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With

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Slightly Oaked Chardonnay

This wine displays a floral, lemony, citrus aroma that leads to the vibrant taste of it! Due to this great wine being slightly asked, it is very creamy, and it coats the top of your mouth so you’re able to savor the flavor. Oak in wine is also put there to tame the acidity, making this wine a great pairing for another all time favorite; chicken! But, unlike the Pinot Noir, this can not just be any type of chicken made any way you’d like. The best chicken for this wine is roasted rosemary chicken. You can look up recipes for rosemary chicken or you can freestyle the seasoning, but most will include garlic, lemon, olive oil, red pepper and of course, rosemary. You can pair the chicken will any side you enjoy, like potatoes, rice, veggies, etc. This is a good wine to have a little glass of at family dinner, or just a regular dinner night with your friends.

5 Great Wines And What Foods They Go Good With


I saved this one for last for a particular reason. This is one of the great wines that goes with EVERYTHING! Any time you’re running late for a dinner party you can grab this wine and be confident it will be a fit for whatever is being served. Riesling has a taste that not only pairs great with everything, but also makes you hungrier as you eat. So, if you’ve cooked a big dinner, or maybe you overcooked, slide this onto the table and all of the sudden your guests will want seconds and maybe even thirds!

There are different versions of all pf these great wines listed. You can go to your local liquor or grocery store, and just grab one or you can do a little more research on what version of the wine you may enjoy more. Either way, having the correct food pairings the next time you sip some wine, will allow you to enjoy the wine and possibly even the meal a little more

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