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10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

There are very few vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh and to be honest, I’m not a big vegan guy, but I went on date to this one restaurant and it was surprisingly exquisite.

Below you’ll find a list of the best vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh that offer variety and pleasant atmosphere that showcase what the city has to offer. 

Despite the industrial aesthetic backdrop of the 1920s, the city is becoming more progressive lately and the vegan options sprinkled throughout the city will offer an authentic experience that will you craving more. 

1. Apteka

Located deep in Bloomfield, this late-night vegan hangout is a pure vibe. You walk into a very chic and atmospheric environment with dim lighting that is ideal for a date night with your boo thing. 

The food palette itself is inspired by Central or Eastern Europe consisting of eggplant sandwiches, pierogies stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, and an outside seating area for those cool summer nights.    

The Dj spins vintage vinyl that’ll set the mood for a healthy, romantic night deep in the heart of Bloomfield that any date would love. They have great drink selections and you should try the house cordials if you’re old enough. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

2. The Zenith

This vegan restaurant can be found in Pittsburgh’s infamous southside. At first, you’ll think you stumbled into a hoarders paradise, but this spooky aesthetic only adds to its character. 

It doubles as an art gallery and antique shop, but the real goldmine is the vegan cafe in the back. They serve black bean burritos stuffed with rice and gluten-free asparagus stuffed portobello. 

All in all, this spot is great for any vegan lurking in Pittsburgh. If you need a self-care day, attend Sunday brunch and try of their vegan pumpkin pancakes or the chickpea veggie burger. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

3. The Onion Maiden 

This vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh is located closer to Mt. Washington, a great view of the city. The best part about this menu is the prices. Cheap prices for great food? Can’t beat that. 

They serve all-vegan infusion of Asain and American comfort food. Cash only, but you won’t need more than 20 dollars for one. Yeah, the food is that cheap. 

The inventive punk rock names will have you feeling rebellious, The Favomancer, Headbangers Balls, Emperor Palpatots. The menu is on the smaller side, but this cozy restaurant is worth checking out. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

4. B52 Cafe 

Of the many vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh, B52 Cafe is located deep in the city. The inside is bright and welcoming, a heavenly spot for lunch or breakfast. 

The reasonable menu will have you dying to try the sauteed shiitake for only five dollars. The ten-dollar sandwiches consist of avocado or cashew cheese.

Another note I should mention is the housemade kombucha options that constantly change, despite the menu remaining the same. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

5. Reed & CO

Located in Lawrenceville, this restaurant is a hole in the wall if you aren’t looking. It’s focused more on the grab and go lifestyle since Lawrenceville is a delight to walk around when the weather’s nice. 

The menu is simple, offering choices from vegan tacos, sweet toast with almond or peanut butter, freshly sliced banana, toasted pumpkin seeds, agave and chia seeds. 

However, the best feature is the fruit and veggie smoothies. If you like comic books then try the chocolate, green, or acai hulk, all consisting of fresh fruit, or almond milk. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

6. Milky Way

A relaxed vegetarian pizzeria that offers espresso drinks sounds pretty good to me. Located in Squirrel Hill, this restaurant offers paninis, hoagies and wraps too. 

Pizza is their staple, but their entrees shouldn’t be overlooked. Vegetarian chicken parmesan, the impossible burger, and the holy guacamole.  

People rave about the service too, saying they are regularly prompt and the staff are extraordinarily friendly. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

7. Pastoli’s Pizza, Pasta & Paisans

Another pizza place that will dazzle your vegan appetite. There’s a variety of choices including gluten-free options for those with allergies.

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They do have real meat for the carnivores, but that just shows their ability to be diverse and remain committed. Their toppings range from capicola, ham, anchovies, artichokes, tomato, onion, mushroom, and vegan meat.

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

8. Prince of India Restaurant

Located in the heart of Oakland, this is a quick and convenient eatery for a college kid on the go. The portions may seem a little on the smaller side, but that doesn’t take away from food quality. 

This buffet-style offers online orders as well as non-vegan options. Watch out for the spice though, because it will kick you back in your seat. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

9. Gluuteny Bakery

A pun on gluten should be all there is to say about this vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh. Located in Squirrel Hill, this bakery offers the best vegan choices for those with a sweet tooth. 

Their delicious pastries are quickly becoming a staple of the area. They have plenty of options including treats that contain CBD. 

Blueberry muffins, red velvet cupcakes, almond topped donuts, and vegan cheesecake is among the best choices you can find in this small bakery. 

I should note that they bake wedding cakes as well, so if you’re thinking of tying the knot and need a vegan option, then Gluuteny Bakery might be your best option. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

10. Double Wide Grill 

Last on the list of vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh is the Double Wide Grill. While it’s not vegan only, they still have plenty of options. You can find this gem in the party-centric Southside area.

They offer vegan hot wings made from wheat protein, lentil veggie burger on a vegan roll, or the curry coconut curry tofu.

When the weather’s nice, a rarity in Pittsburgh, you must utilize the patio for your meal. The southside area is rarely appreciated during the day, so you must catch a glimpse while you can. 

10 Great Vegan Restaurants In Pittsburgh

Vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh are scarce but you will have no problem finding a few gems that will either convert you or keep you in the vegan lifestyle. Personally, I was unaware that vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh have started to become a staple in the city. 
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