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Great Tips When Traveling On The Royal Caribbean

Great Tips When Traveling On The Royal Caribbean

Great Tips When Traveling On The Royal Caribbean

Traveling with Royal Caribbean is a great time. You can be sure that you will have a blast and have a trip that you will never forget. With that being said, there are some tips that you should know while traveling so that you can get the most out of your experience. Lucky for you, I have provided some great tips for your next trip on the Royal Caribbean.

1. Indoor rooms are a great option for first timers

Outside of the fact that indoor suites are cheaper, they can also make more sense. For the younger crowd that plans on being more active, you will spend very little time in your suite. With all of the onboard activities and excursions (which we will get into later), you will find that you are bustling about so much, you’ll only go to your room to sleep.

As for the interior rooms themselves, they are spacious and comfortable, so don’t feel like your missing out. You won’t get the view from your bed, but the ships have many areas where you can still get an amazing view at no extra cost.


For the more seasoned cruisers or those who have the financial means, the suites are amazing too. My parents travel Royal Caribbean more often than most, so they do get the balcony suites. They do not attend many of the ship’s events because they can seem redundant at times, so the suite comes in handy.

2. Added Fees

When you stay on Royal Caribbean, there is a stateroom fee every day. Depending on the room you get, that changes the price. The more expensive the room, the more expensive the daily fee is. There is also a tip that you leave for your stateroom attendant, and I do ask that you give them a decent one. They work extremely hard, so it is a great gesture to show appreciation.

You can always check your balance on your tv, so you don’t have to be in the dark about how much you will have to pay!


3. Buy your excursions from the cruise line

The Royal Caribbean offers many activities off the ship at each port called excursions. You can find a list of them ahead of your trip, but there is a shop on board and a list on your tv if you choose to wait.

The reason I suggest buying from Royal Caribbean is that there is more security. You know that you will not be scammed and because the ship knows where you are, you will not be left if your excursion runs past boarding time! Also, It is just easy to work through the cruise line, so choose at your own risk.

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4. To drink package or to not drink package?

Drink packages are very intriguing, and given your lifestyle, maybe even practical. However, they are expensive, so unless you and your group love to drink soda or alcohol all day long, this package may not be for you. Also, with the soda package, you have to carry around the special cup you buy in order to get it, so that may be a nuisance.

The ship offers water, tea, juice, and coffee for free, so if you can say that those options aren’t enough, then go for it. Otherwise, I would spend that money on something else that you may want.

5. Be careful of the sea pass

The Royal Caribbean sea pass will be your best friend and your worse enemy on the ship. You don’t pay with money, you pay with that, so it is extremely easy to rack up charges without realizing it. Yes, you can check your balance on your tv or at customer service, but I can guarantee you will not do that often enough. You have been warned.


I love the Royal Caribbean and would recommend it to anyone who asked, but it is always good to know the ins and outs so that you can have the best trip. Let me know about your travels below!

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