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10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

Having natural hair can be amazing yet hard sometimes because of those dreary winters. Just trying to deal with less breakage in the wintertime because its just, too freaking cold! These natural hair tips will help you this winter on keeping it moisturized and looking better than ever!

1. Drink Lots Of Water

I am putting this first because this is crucial! Drinking water is needed in your everyday life to stay hydrated. So why not drink it so your hair can stay hydrated as well! The amount of water intake you need a day is 2 liters or eight 8 ounces and that really isn’t a lot!

If you are a water bottle drinker like I am, all you need is four of those bottles and you are good to go! Plus it is a good thing to stay hydrated because you are helping to keep organs stay nice and pink!

2. Deep Condition Every Week

Condition! Condition! Condition! This is the second most important tip anyone can ever give you! Deep conditioning y0ur hair is the best way to get moisture back into your hair! These winter days will hurt your hair follicles if you are not moisturizing them.

Some really good deep conditioners to use: Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Mask is an amazing conditioner that can be used as a deep conditioner and it smells amazing! Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Insta Natural Keratin Complex just to name a few. Of course, everyone has different types of hair so whatever deep conditioner your hair loves, its best to keep it the same!

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

3. Low Manipulation

We all love our Bantu knots, the simple two-strand twists or just pulling our hair up in slick buns, but the more you keep manipulating your hair the more it will break off. Especially during these cold winter days!

The easiest way to maintain your hair is to keep it in box braids or a hairstyle that you won’t have to touch too much!

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

4. Oil Your Scalp

KEEP YOUR SCALP MOISTURIZED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! You cannot neglect the source of your hair growing! The best oil to use for your scalp is Castor Oil. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is great for moisturizing your scalp and it supports healthy hair growth.

Another great oil is Almond Oil due to the ability to hold in moisture. The oil soothes and moisturizes the scalp. So if you have very dry hair this will be a great oil to add to your daily hair care routine! Keep in mind to not over oil your scalp or you will get buildup! 2-3 times a week is a great start.

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

5. Hot Oil Treatments

Speaking of oil, hot oil treatments are great for your hair as well! Similar to deep conditions, hot oil treatments have the same factor except it’s a thin product that’s easier to apply. Oil treatments give a different feel to your natural hair. The treatment tends to make your hair easier to manage and the after-effects are amazing!

Just take your favorite oil, heat it up with warm water and you are good to go. Some bottles make it easy to just pop it in the microwave and go.

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

6. Tuck Your Ends Away

Self-explanatory! Tucking your ends away is major for natural hair! It will help keep your ends moisturized and out of the way from your sweaters that like to tug at your hair. This is the biggest tip anyone could give because dry and brittle ends can cause breakage and split ends.

The best protective styles to tuck your ends away are flat twists, tucking your ends in a bun, some simple braids of your choice, or just slap a wig on and rock your hair that way. It’s what I would do!

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

7. Silk Bonnets

Silk bonnets are life! No matter what type of hair you have everyone needs something silky in their life for their hair. We all love to wear those cute knit hats in the wintertime. For your natural hair, it is essential to have something protecting your hair at all times.

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Wearing a silk bonnet underneath your knit hat will help to reduce the friction on your hair. If you don’t want the extra bulk you can wear a silk bonnet that has a cute design on the outside.

You can also order sweatshirts that have a silk lining in the hood so you won’t have to worry about the synthetic fabric pulling at your hair! It is also a stylish hack as well! Wearing cotton t-shirts will also help with friction and less breakage.

Featured Silk Bonnet 

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

8. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy on a regular basis has many effects on your body. It nourishes you, helps to get rid of toxins in your body, also stimulates healthy skin and growth. The vitamins that you intake from your food keeps your body happy and healthy.

The plus side for your hair is that the nutrients you eat goes straight to your hair! Some amazing food items to eat to keep your hair nice and moisturized are avocadoes, eggs, spinach, salmon, and sweet potatoes. Basically, anything that has a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids.

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

9. No Wet Hair

It’s winter! Do not leave your house with wet hair! Why? Well for one you’ll get sick. Many people do wash and go’s on their natural hair. Yes, it’s beautiful and easy to do but since it is cold and brittle outside that is going to do the same to your hair. Turning it brittle and start to break off.

If you have a little time to dry your hair before you leave the house for the day, it will make a huge difference. Letting your hair air dry is best or you can use a blow dryer and set the temperature to cool then dry it that way.

10 Great Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Winter

10. Leave-In Conditioner

This last tip will help you out the most. Leave-in conditioners. I don’t care what type of hair you have, you NEED a proper leave-in conditioner. This product will be the best decision you have ever made. The benefits of this product are endless. Detangling, moisturizing, controls frizz, protects your hair from heat, and also adds shine to your hair.

When going out in this nasty weather, take the time to spray some leave-in on your hair to give it that extra moisturizing protection. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Do you have natural hair? What are your favorite products to use? List some tips below that you want to share!

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