5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

In the digital age of social media fame, tattoo artists are the most recent group to reap the benefits of social media. It gives them a platform to share the incredible art that they do with millions of users from around the world. However, social media isn’t the only reason tattoos have become more popular in the last decade or two. The world’s perspective on body art is shifting. The social stigma around tattoos is changing. With an estimated 47% of millennials having at least one tattoo, this ancient form of body art no longer has the criminal reputation that it had before. The stereotype of tattoos being for sailors and gang members has lost merit now that the vape smoking, man-bun-wearing baristas of the present sport body art like they’re rockstars. Many believe tattoos have become more popular amongst the youth of the world because of influence from their favorite musicians and celebrities, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that tattoos are likely becoming more popular due to the social media platforms that allow tattoo artists to share their incredible work with the world. Tattooers are finally beginning to be recognized by mainstream culture as the talented artists they truly are. With all that being said, here are 5 great tattoo artists to check out in Colorado.

1. Adam Engel

Adam Engel is an incredibly talented tattooer and my go-to tattoo artist Boulder, Colorado. Originally from Kansas, Engel started drawing and exploring his artistic talent at a young age. Like many of us, he hit a point in his life where he didn’t know what he wanted to do and needed a direction, so he bought a tattoo machine online and began tattooing friends and acquaintances in his mom’s basement. He taught himself how to tattoo by watching Youtube videos and eventually moved to Boulder and became a professional, however, he emphasizes that people interested in becoming tattoo artists should learn the craft from a professional through an apprenticeship. Now with three years of professional tattooing under his belt, Engel is a premier tattoo artist in Colorado working out of Metamorphosis Tattoo Sideshow in Boulder. He doesn’t have a particular style, but if you come to him with an idea, he’ll surely make it look great. Engel has come a long way since tattooing in his mom’s basement and I’m looking forward to watching him continue to refine his skills and bless the people of Colorado with extraordinary ink. Check out his Instagram @engelwood316 and give him a visit if you’re ever looking to get some great ink in Boulder.

5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

2. Jonathan Love

Jonathan Love is a tattoo artist that works out of Bound By Design in Denver, Colorado. Known for his bizarre, sometimes macabre, twisted, or biomorphic subject matter, Jonathan Love specializes in black ink tattoos with a unique cross-hatching style that makes for unorthodox, yet beautiful tattoos. Jonathan Love has been professionally tattooing for 6 years now, but you’d think he’s been doing it for longer. Check out his Instagram page @jonald_juck and give him a call if you’re looking for a bizarrely unique tattoo!

5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

3. Brian Henry

Brian Henry is a Colorado-based tattoo artist who has gained a following not only due to his incredible art but also because he is one of hip hop star Wiz Khalifa’s personal tattoo artists. Known for his black and grey portraiture and realism, Brian Henry has also built a reputation for himself as one of few tattoo artists in the area that has the unique talent of creating micro realistic tattoos with slim needles, so if you’re one of the trendy folk who is interested in a small, yet beautifully detailed tattoo, hit up Brian Henry at Black Sage Studio in Evergreen, Colorado and ask about his availability! Be sure to check out his work on his Instagram page @bhens, where you can also find his email for bookings.

5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

4. BJ Storms

BJ Storms, also-known-as OG Slowdeath, is a tattoo artist that works at the infamous Denver shop, Certified Tattoo Studios. Known for his intricately detailed micro-realistic style, OG Slowdeath is an up and coming star in the Denver tattoo scene. Like Brian Henry, Slowdeath has the remarkable talent of being able to fit loads of detail into small tattoos, which is the reason why his art is of such high demand. Check out his art on Instagram @og_slowdeath.

5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

5.  Salvador Diaz

Another one of the 14 incredibly talented tattoo artists that Denver’s Certified Tattoo Studios has to offer, Salvador Diaz is known for his black and grey portraiture and photo realistic tattoos. Like OG Slowdeath and most, if not all of the other artists at Certified Tattoo Studios, Salvador Diaz’s incredible art is in high demand. If you’re interested in getting some ink from him, I recommend booking at least a month before you’d like to have your appointment. Check his art out on his Instagram page @salvadordiaztattoo.

5 Great Tattoo Artists To Check Out In Colorado

These are the 5 best tattoo artists in Colorado that I know of, but if I’m missing any feel free to let me know in the comments!

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