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Great Summer Jeans For Both Men And Women Who Love To Travel

It’s summer, so you want to put on your best summer jeans for the long road ahead. Luckily, there’s tons of brands for you to shop and many designers that will cater to your needs. Here are several great summer jeans for both men and women who love to travel. 

1. Everlane Cheeky Straight Cut

These summer jeans run ankle-length. Affordable. Cut. And good for a tight frame. These are for those middle of the road travelers who don’t want something too taper but also any too crazy. 

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2. AE Nex(X)t Levil Slim Jeans

Light and comfortable. These jeans are slim through both the legs and thighs. They have a high level stretch that keeps it in shape. 72% cotton. 25% polyester. Great for summer or year-round. You’ll have the best time traveling with these for sure. 

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3. DL1961 Vince Casual Straight Cut

Vince Casual comes in a variety of washes and colors. They scream, ‘look, I’m dark, brody, and yet I’m ready to take on the summer.’ Either that or, ‘hey look, I just need to take a vacation.’ Whatever the case, you won’t be regretting adding these to your summer jeans collection. Stylish. Dark. Denim. What’s a better combination than that? 

4. Levi’s 451 Athlectic Stretch Jeans

My god I love Levi’s. There’s just something about them that’s so retro, cool and comfortable. The stretch heavyweight denim have elastane and cotton. You’ll always be comfortable and travel ready with these Levi’s. These too also come in a variety of washes and colors. 

5. Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Women’s Plus-Size Roll Straight Jeans.

Perfect for plus-sizes, these jeans certainly serve their purpose on the road. The super soft fabric holds the jeans in their correct shape. Flattering in any body shape, they give the body a much needed ‘oomph’ during the summer. You can thank McCarthy for these. 

6. Aviator Jeans

Word is that these are the best travel jeans in the world. They have a stone washed slim fit and two hidden zippered pockets. Pockets are said to be big enough to hold passports plus your phone. Now that’s one great feature. The 70/30 polycotton spandex blend gives these the right amount of stretch. These jeans don’t seem like the over stay their welcome type. Then again, you may be the one overstaying once you try them on for the first time. 

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7. Uniqlo Stretch Skinny Fit Color Jeans

These have a nylon blend which makes them dry a bit faster than most jeans. Their flexibility makes them the perfect summer jeans. You can walk, ride your bike and climb a mountain with these things, and look dope while doing so. 

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8. Travelsmith Stretch Bull Denim Jeans

You want to travel all summer with your friends on budget of about $100 per person, then these summer jeans will do. Okay, maybe the $100 per person is a bit low depending on the type of person you are. Maybe it’s a bit high. Whatever the case, you’ll enjoy the classic lines, hidden zipper pockets and mid-weight fabric. Stay on budget with these. 

9. Coalatree Unisex Slim Fit Trail Head Pants

Wanted to add in something different because why the fuck not. These have a elastic waistband and drawstring which puts an extra comfort in the word comfortable. These also have the distinction to be waterproof, which means hours upon hours of soaking yourself in the pool. If you’re a hiker or just someone who likes to keep active all summer long, then these won’t disappoint. 

Jeans, jeans, jeans! How many summer jeans do you keep inside your closet? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

Joshua Williams

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