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Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

Cooking foods can be tough! Don’t get stuck cooking something that doesn’t smell great when you cook it! Whether it’s pies, cookies, or deep dishes, you’ll love the smell of these foods! You’ll want to make them as soon as you are done reading about them! Have you been trying to find something to cook for the family; these great smelling foods will have your stomach grumbling soon after! Here are the prefect foods to cook in your kitchen!

1. Lasagna

This great dish is one of the many things that make the winter days even more enjoyable. From the cheesy goodness that oozes with each layer to the red sauce that spells over the end while it’s cooking, there is nothing that makes nights cozying up to a blanket while watching a movie and eating this dish even more special! The best part about lasagna is the many ingredients that you add! Veggies have never tasted so good!

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

2. Shepherd’s Pie

Don’t become fooled by the name of this master piece. This is not just any pie; it is a delicious pie that is not sweet, and instead of having a pie crust, it is just layers of meat, potatoes, corn, and gravy which is drizzled on the top. The best part about this dish is the top because if you leave it in the oven for a little longer than you should, it will become crispy and the potatoes will taste so good! This is a dish that is great if you are looking to cook food that will be enough for the whole family!

3. Pie

Any type of pie will make your kitchen smell divine! Pies are like the air freshener of food; any pie you cook will mask any smell and will leave your family wanting it even before it is done cooking. Not only can they smell great when cooked, the design of the pie will put everyone in disbelief because you made it and not the store! The smell of pies can put anyone in the holiday mood; all you will need is the ingredients! You’ll get a sense of pride when foods like this come out of the oven and it’s better than you could have imagined!

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

4. Cookies

The basic cookie mix will make any kitchen smell like a million bucks! Depending on the cookie mix you use, your kitchen will smell differently, and the hard work will pay off! Beware, burnt cookies tend to not smell as good as you think, so watch out when you are cooking these wonderful creations (the great smell maybe causing them to burn if you are not careful)! This lovely treat is the best when you are looking of something to do and don’t mind the mess. It makes for great bonding time and will leave your kitchen smelling great!

5. Brownies

If you are looking for a chocolate smell, brownies should be your go-to treat to bake! They have the best smell and taste just as great. They are fairly easy to make and don’t take much time at all! If you are feeling a little wild, you can put chocolate chip in the mix to add a surprise when someone takes a bite from your amazing creation! Brownies are on of the great foods that you can add a little flavor to during the holidays and will have everyone wanting more!

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

6. Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

If you have a slow-cooker, you have to try making pulled pork! Although it may take longer, the smell will stay throughout the day and will have everyone wanting it when they walk through the door. The smell of pulled pork is so distinct that anyone that smells this will be disappointed when they find out it’s not done yet! There are so many dishes you can make with this one ingredient that you’ll always be trying something new when you make pulled pork! One of the best creations is nachos with pulled pork which brings all of the normal flavors from nachos in and enhances them to become the greatest dish you have ever tasted!

7. Banana Bread

Banana bread is one of those baked goods that are great to munch on whenever you bake them! They are great with butter or cream cheese while they are warm. This dish will leave your kitchen smelling like bananas (if you like bananas)! You can always spice up any type of bread with cinnamon or something sweet and you’ve baked bread that everyone will like! The best part about foods like this is you could make it at any point in the year and it will be just as good!

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

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8. Cinnamon Rolls

The smell of cinnamon rolling throughout the house is the greatest smell, especially in the morning. They are a great for breakfast when the morning sun has just come up and the pot of coffee has begun brewing.

The warmth of a cinnamon roll which had just gotten out of the oven feels so satisfying when taken a bite from. This is the type of foods that makes you keep eating and baking so you never run out! Cinnamon rolls are great for any time of the year and even better during the holidays!

9. Roasted Chicken

If you are roasting chicken from scratch, your kitchen will begin to fill up with the aroma of garlic, herbs and chicken. You can add any sides to this dish and make it a meal! If you are looking for other ways to create new foods using roasted chicken, you could try making chicken salad or use it for sandwiches!

The smell of the chicken will stay in your kitchen for hours and will make anyone hungry no matter the time of day! This dish is great to have as leftovers because there is no way you’ll finish it the first time around!

Great Smelling Foods To Cook In Your Kitchen

Have you made these foods before? Do you have anything to add? Tell us in the comment below!
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