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10 Great Questions To Ask On A College Tour

10 Great Questions To Ask On A College Tour


You’re getting ready for your first college tour and a thousand things are going through your mind. You’re wondering what it’s going to be like and what college overall will be like. You want to be sure to ask the right questions while you’re on a tour. Keep reading for great questions to ask on a college tour!

1. Can I see the dorms where freshman usually live?

On tours you’re typically focused on the food, how fun the students seem to be having, or how pretty the scenery is. But, it is important to see if you have a chance to view where you are potentially going to live in the coming years.


2. What are the most popular majors?

Usually this is an indicator of the quality of the departments, but do not weigh your decision solely on this. Typically all colleges have fantastic departments all around.


3. What are students involved in?

I was unaware of all the possibilities that are offered before coming to my college, and if I would have known the abundance of student organizations that would have made my decision so much easier (in a good way).


4. What do students do on weekends when they don’t want to drink?

Let’s be honest, drinking is a large part of college life. But that does not mean every student participates, and it is good to know the options!


5. What sports are the best to attend?

Surprisingly it’s not football at every school. I, personally, have had more fun at volleyball and basketball than any football game I attended.

6. What resources are available for health related needs?

This could be in terms of mental health services (my college has a free counseling center) or for when you get sick. It’s good to know.


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It is very important to follow steps of being a considerate roommate. You want a healthy and happy living environment in your communal space.

7. What is offered in terms of physical exercise?

It’s good to know if the college offers a free gym (typically this is the case), or if you need to find other ways to get your steps in.


8. What professors do you recommend?

This will not only be handy to gauge their reactions, but for when you need to sign up for classes throughout your time in college.

9. Is the food good?

Let’s be real, this is an important part of the decision. You’re going to be eating there almost every day for at least a year!


10. What made you decide on attending this college?

It’s never a bad idea to get a real student’s perspective on why they made the decision to attend the school.

Do you know of some other great questions to ask on a college tour? Comment below!
If you ask these questions on your college tour you are for sure going to get in!
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