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10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

During Sorority Recruitment it can be overwhelming having to talk to so many Potential New Members (PNMs). Some girls get anxious no matter how many times they have gone through it and if you have a PNM that’s a little tougher to talk to you may have trouble thinking up questions to ask. Well fear no more, here are 10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment!

10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

1. Have You Held Any Leadership Positions?

You’ll find out if a PNM is leadership material or not. If they held a leadership position in high school great, and if they didn’t it’s not a cause for concern.

2. Do You See Yourself Holding Any Positions In This Sorority? If So, What Are They?

Again, this question will show if a PNM is willing to take on a position in your sorority. Recruitment can be overwhelming so remind them of the positions your organization offers and if they don’t show any interest in them it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not right for the sorority. Some people just need to be encouraged, but the organization also needs good general body members so don’t be quick to get rid of them. They may be a great team player and offer up interesting ideas to the sorority.

3. What Was The Last Book You Read?

This can be more of a fun question to ask, just like “what is your favorite show on Netflix?” This question will show you a lot about your PNM but keep in mind that not everyone in college has time to read for pleasure. Maybe your PNM prefers Audio Books over physically reading them, so keep that in mind when you ask this.

4. If You Won The Lottery What Would You Do With The Money?

Another fun question to ask, but if they say they would use the money to end world hunger then extend them a bid right then and there. Just kidding! You never want to bid promise.

5. Do You Have Any Siblings?

This will give you an idea of whether your PNM will get along with the rest of your sisters. Remember that if they don’t get along with their own siblings it doesn’t mean that they won’t get along with the sisters, they may just have issues with their own siblings.

6. What Made You Want To Come To Recruitment?

If your PNM is honest and tells you that she only came to support her friend or because she was dragged there by a roommate then you may want to try and recruit them, they may turn out to like your organization. But if they seriously don’t look interested then be nice but don’t put in all of your effort into recruiting them. Greek life just doesn’t appeal to some people and that’s okay!

10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

7. Have You Done Any Community Service In The Past? If So, What Were They?

If your sorority’s mission revolves around philanthropy then you’ll definitely want to ask this but if your PNM hasn’t ever done any community service it doesn’t mean they’re not a fit, some people just don’t know how to help.

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8. Which One Of Our Values Do You Feel Like You Embody The Most?

Because it is such a long day and recruitment week for the PNMs you may want to remind them of your values since all of the information can become overwhelming.

9. Which One Of Our Values Do You Think You Need To Work On The Most?

If your PNM doesn’t believe they need to work on any of the values then that’s completely fine.

10. What Are You Most Passionate About?

This is probably one of the more fun questions to ask your PNM. This where you can find out a fun fact about them and it’s always so interesting hearing people talk about what makes them happy.

10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment

And that’s 10 Great Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment. Comment below which one helped you out during recruitment!

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