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Great Places To Take Your Date In Kansas City

Great Places To Take Your Date In Kansas City

Great Places To Take Your Date In Kansas City

If you’re looking for some new great places to take your next date in Kansas City, here are some wonderful suggestions. These are places that will hopefully allow you each the potential to bond more easily, find common interests, and especially have new experiences different than your other perhaps less original dates. Activities to do together such as these that are more active or original in general can help increase the likelihood of more natural relation, closeness, and conversation.

Crown Center Ice Terrace

When you are looking for a more active date with someone you are interested in, the Crown Center Ice Terrace is an especially great choice of places to take your date. I took a date there when I had never been ice skating before and knew they likewise had never had the opportunity. This was thus a great choice as we were both out of our element, working together, (to keep from falling), and provided great hand-holding potential.

 It was a great choice for the winter season and very romantic beneath the lights and music. We had much to do during the date activity and a lot to talk about afterward. We both really enjoyed the opportunity to have a new experience, especially during a pandemic when there are fewer new things to do on average. The outdoor activity also made the date safer in this way and the rink took precautions to limit occupants.


This Kansas City date option is enjoyable if you like being outside in the brisk winter weather, perhaps after so much time spent indoors during the day. With each of us trying something new, we were taken out of our element, no one was bored, and we were on level ground experience-wise. A nice follow-up to this is a snow cone at Miami Ice as we did, for example, a dessert you’re craving or a warm beverage.

American Jazz Museum

Museums are great places to take your date if you and your date enjoy learning new things about your interests or history. This and several other nearby museums are great choices depending on your interests. Museums are especially great on a date if one or ideally both of you don’t know very much about the topic but are interested to learn.

My significant other and I really appreciated the opportunity at the American Jazz Museum to learn more about the jazz culture and history we had become so interested in but had not yet had an opportunity to visit some of the other roots. If you also like live music, this is a great destination as they have live music in the Blue Room a couple times a week. The Blue Room is a realistic jazz bar you can visit and enjoy while soaking in the culture. 


The American Jazz Museum also shows the Jazz culture of Kansas City which is nice for native Kansans to gain a new appreciation for their home. If this visit also brings up a taste for cajun cuisine, there are also some great cajun restaurants in the Kansas City area including Jazz- A Louisiana Kitchen. Other great museum options include the Nelson-Atkins and WWI.

Missouri Town 1855 

Approximately half an hour from Kansas City is another example of great places to take your date. This destination is very immersive and gives a lot of great history as well as places and objects to see inside, completing the experience. The immersion and history can be great on a date for new experiences and topics during or after. 

The buildings involved were really interesting to see inside and it was interesting to feel and know more about pre-Civil War daily life in this way. There are approximately 30 acres and 25 buildings to explore, including horse-driven rides. It really felt like getting to know my own history and the life of my ancestors and previous family.


The workers also give great facts and interpretations throughout the tour and the costumes just completed the experience. There are special events given throughout the year, including a large harvest festival. The seasons themselves can be really picturesque during your visit depending on when you stop by. 

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Barbecue Restaurants

On a date in Kansas City, it’s always a great choice to seek out places to take your date out for barbecue. There are many nice options here including Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque, and Slap’s BBQ. Joe’s has a cool atmosphere, many barbeque sauces for sale you can take home and try, and many awards showing their popularity and quality. 


Slap’s BBQ is a favorite of ours so far, and their sandwiches are amazingly sweet and flavorful, with great side dishes including potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw. Many other barbeque restaurants can be tried on your date in Kansas City and sure to not disappoint. The type of barbeque in Kansas City is sweet and tangy, a mix of tomatoes and molasses, with a very rich, enjoyable flavor you will keep coming back for and trying different with a date. 

Chiefs/Royals Game

If you haven’t taken a date to either a Chiefs football game or Royals baseball game, these are fun options with many food, merchandise, and cheering possibilities. You will find yourself even more involved and invested in a live game experience close in the stadium. The atmosphere of this is also great on a date in Kansas City sharing the collective effervescence of victory and cheer with each other alongside the other fans. This is a cute option if you and your date have sports interests.

Nature Spots

There are also many picturesque, open nature places to take your date in Kansas City. The notable mentions include the Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden and Loose Park. The Ewing has beautiful plants and flowers, an atrium, beautiful fountains, and sculptures. Loose Park includes a must-see rose garden, a pond, and walking trails.


Other outdoor landscapes are Swope Park and Cave Spring Interpretive Center. Swope Park has hiking and bike trails as well as a nature center and zoo. The Cave Spring Center has lovely woods to walk or hike through with your date, perfect for focusing on your date and conversations. If you are interested in more history, you can also visit part of the Oregon National Historic Trail. 

These are some great places to take your date in Kansas City which fit a wide variety of interests and activities. Hopefully, these provide new interesting ideas for where to visit next time you are in the area. Let us know in the comments what great places you have visited or taken a date in the Kansas City area.