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Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Minimalist jewelry has been my new obsession. I love that there is a whole universe and different pieces for every style. Many people think of minimalism and think of a plain geometric form, and even though yes, that’s true, there are many more options based on your fashion preferences and taste.

Here are some of my favorites I’ve found on Etsy.

1. Classic

Let’s start with the basics. These classic styles are perfect for any occasion and go mostly with every piece of clothing. I think of them as timeless. These are the ones everyone should have because they pair together well with any style.

Herringbone Eternity Ring

This first one is one of my recent favorites because it’s really simple yet has so much personality. It’s called an eternity ring. It’s gold so it’s a little more on the expensive side, but since it’s so timeless, it will definitely last a lifetime. 

Customer review: “Amazing craftsmanship and awesome customer service. I needed the ring a bigger size and Stacy was great to work with. Very happy with my ring and can’t wait to make it a staple piece.”

Great Minimalist Jewellery Ideas for Every Style

Double Band Ring

If you’re into silver, then this double band which I love it’s the perfect one for you. It looks so classic and simple. This one is more on the inexpensive side of the list and would look awesome on its own.

Customer review: “Product came just as pictured and the fit is perfect. Great simple, dainty ring! Shipping was quick and arrived from France to New England in 10 days.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

2. Boho

When speaking of boho or bohemian style, I think of carefree and unconventional pieces. They’re unique and have a lot of character. If this is how you would define your style, I’ll show you a selection.

Sunburst Brass Stud Earrings

These studs are perfect because they look dainty but bold at the same time. They are the perfect combination for a really bohemian styled outfit. Put on a messy bun and you’re good to go.

Customer review: “I purchased these as a gift to brighten someone’s day! They are cute.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Wrap necklace

The perfect thing about bohemian jewelry is that only once piece can complete a whole outfit. This necklace stands out so well that it makes a statement and you will probably won’t need another jewelry adding to your outfit. 

Customer review: “This is a great necklace. I love the flexibility of the design.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

3. Zodiac

Zodiac, either you believe in it or not, it’s definitely a conversation starter wherever you go. It not only represents your sign and/or believes but helps you connect with many people that have the same tastes. Having a piece of jewelry that 

Constellation Necklace

If you’re not that into starting conversations with your zodiac sign, the way to represent your zodiac sign or interest in zodiac that isn’t so obvious is with the constellations. This cute and elegant necklace is not only perfect do add to your necklace collection, but also as a gift to someone special. 

Customer review: “I bought this as part of a mother’s day present for my mom who had been wanting a constellation necklace for a while now. It is dainty and beautiful and I know she’ll love it.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Zodiac Earrings Studs

I love these studs not only because of their simple and delicate style, but also because you can mismatch them and have your zodiac sign and maybe your significant other’s, or a loved one’s. It makes also a great gift, and you can have “matching mismatching” earrings with your best friend.

Customer review: “So cute! I have sensitive ears and these didn’t bother them one bit.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

4. Floral

We’ve arrived to one of my favorite categories. There are so many possibilities with floral jewelry. Flowers always look beautiful, and in jewelry, there is no exception. 

Floral Bouquet Necklace

There is no way not to fall in love with this necklace. I can assure you it goes well with almost everything you have in your closet and just gives a delicate look to your aesthetic.

Customer review: “Beautiful and dainty. I think I’m going to have to buy the matching ring one of these days!!!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Botanical stud earrings

If I had to choose only one kind of jewelry for the rest of my life, it would probably be earrings. And these ones would be my go-to. They look so unique and fresh, I’m sure they’ll make every outfit stand out. 

Customer review: “I bought it for my plant-loving sister: It looks exactly like in the photos and seems to be good quality! I’m sure she will like it as much as I do.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

5. Birthstone

Birthstone Necklace

I love this necklace because, even though it’s minimalist, it has three different stones and a very significant meaning. You can put the birthstone of your parents, siblings or yours. It also makes a great gift and means much more than a simple necklace. 

Customer review: “Fast delivery! The necklace is exactly what I was picturing. The perfect gift for my step-mom for Christmas.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Birthstone Ring

Same as the necklace, these rings give you endless opportunities when combining birthstones. You can get only yours, or combine a loved one’s. Also, if giving them as a gift, you can get matching ones with the person. I know they’ll love them.

Customer review: “Wonderful, dainty ring. I’ll be purchasing more!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

6. Flamboyant

Minimalist jewelry is not equivalent to colorless or dull. There are ways to give color to your outfit without having to have the biggest pieces of jewelry. 

Modern statement necklace

What I love about these kinds of pieces is that they make a statement by themselves, and this necklace is no exception. It’s colorful and flamboyant, yet elegant and stylish.

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Customer review: “Gorgeous, made in a custom size!!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Modern Geometric Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of color and simplicity, these are the earrings for you. The color is vibrant and matches perfectly with the gold. Just match it with bright red lipstick and you’re good to know.

Customer review: “These are so fun, lightweight, easy to wear. I love the color and how they look on. Definitely, recommend!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

7. Elegant

Elegant minimalist jewelry is one of the easiest to find, but I’ll tell you some of my favorite ones I’ve seen recently. 

Pearl Necklace

Nothing says elegance like a simple pearl in a thin elegant necklace. This one caught my attention after a while because at first, I thought “it’s too simple”, but then I realized that’s sometimes what I’m looking for for an elegant jewelry piece. I look for something that I can put on but doesn’t look extra. And I found the perfect option.

Customer review: “I love this necklace! It’s beautiful. Happy with my purchase.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Dainty Gold Bangles

As classic as these are, gold dangles give such elegance to your outfits. Combined with gold studs and a simple necklaces, you have the perfect combination for an elegant or professional aesthetic. 

Customer review: “Beautiful delicate and great quality!!!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

8. Geeky

If you’re into books, movies and cartoons people tend to identify your style as “geeky”. I still don’t get how that works, but if you feel identified, these jewelry pieces are for you.

Star Wars Stud Earrings

I’m not a fangirl for Star Wars, but these earrings are everything! They look so simple and pretty, and people who are not fans of Star Wars would also appreciate them. 

Customer review: “I absolutely love them! Perfect petite size and very well crafted. Thank you!”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style

Pacman Bracelet

Yes! We went retro for the last one because it’s a perfect playful little Pacman bracelet, how much more perfect could it be? This one would make a perfect gift, or just make it a gift for yourself.

Customer review: Very finely processed and comfortable to wear. The closure is adjustable in size and so individually.”

Great Minimalist Jewelry Ideas for Every Style


I really hope you liked all these minimalist jewelry options. There are so many more options, so don’t doubt to go and explore yourself. Comment if you have any other unique piece you’ve found. I would love to see them!

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