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Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

Whether you are on a diet, count your calories daily, or just want some healthy food options, finding balanced, healthy meals that are also filling and low calorie can be challenging. There are many meals out there, and I’m going to show you the best low calorie meals that are both healthy and filling!

Soy Glazed Cod And Bok Choy – 279 calories

Cod is one of the most nutritious sources of protein, and among the healthiest of fish options available. The meal is only 270 calories, but extremely high in protein (a whopping 30 grams), has a moderate amount of carbohydrates (15 grams), and only 12 grams of fat.

The Bok choy adds to the nutritional value of the meal, and fills you up very fast. There are little calories in the oil you add (soy, sesame, olive, etc), and they’re where majority of the fat comes from. Overall, this meal is super tasty, easy to make, and only takes 45 minutes to prepare.

Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

Chicken Souvlaki Skewers – 415 calories

Chicken Souvlaki tastes so delicious, you won’t believe it’s actually healthy. Souvlaki is a traditional Greek delicacy made up of small grilled pieces of chicken and vegetables on a stick. With this meal, you have the chicken along with your choice of vegetables; whether you like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, you name it.

You also have the luxury of having this meal with some pita bread or rice (where the carbs come from), although if you are not interested in carbs, the bread/rice is by no means necessary. The overall meal is highly nutritious and balanced, from the 30 grams of protein, to the 42 grams of carbs (if you have pita bread or rice with it), and 14 grams of fat.

Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

Pan Roasted Pork With Vegetable Salad – 295 calories

If you haven’t had pan roasted pork, you are truly missing out. It is not only high in protein, but extremely delicious. Due to being made on a pan, it is much healthier than you would initially imagine. There is the misconception that all pork is bad for you, which is simply not true.

The vegetable salad compliments the pork so well, and the flavors mix in your mouth to create this joyous feeling that cannot be explained. It takes only 20 minutes to make, and each meal will feel like you’re in a lifetime of happiness.

Nutrition wise, this meal is mostly protein (26 grams), with there being only 11 grams of carbs, and 16 grams of fat.

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 Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

Quinoa With Mushrooms, Kale , And Sweet Potatoes – 361 calories

Quinoa is mostly eaten by vegetarians and vegans, but is an amazing rice substitute for meat lovers as well. This meal is healthy, very filling, and scrumptious. The mushrooms and kale go really well together, but can be easily substituted with any vegetables if you prefer.

If you would like some meat, you can add some chicken breast without taking anything away from the meal, and adding just 165 calories, making the meal 526 calories).

The sweet potatoes can be cooked on a pan, baked whole, or made whichever other way you like (however, the healthiest way to go about it is in an oven, without unnecessary oil). Keep in mind that the meal is heavy on carbs, as it has 51 grams of it, 13 grams of protein (30 grams more if you add the chicken breast), and 12 grams of fat.  All these ingredients come together to make a filling, savory, and rich meal.

Great Low Calorie Meals That Are Healthy And Filling

There are our best low calorie meals that are both healthy and filling! Let us know in the comments which meals you love to eat that are healthy and filling for you!

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