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Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

Hairstyles are can make or break your entire look. Your hair is what can really spice up your look when done properly. Most of the hairstyles that inspire us or that we aspire to do are those we see in magazines or on television. Of course we always want to look as good as possible but sometimes it is good to break down hairstyles as that they become more achievable.

A someone with long hair and that only has about three or four looks it can really be a challenge to find hairstyles that make your look interesting. Styling your hair differently can really give you more confidence and allow you to get to see yourself in a new light. As well as getting rid of the routine, a new hairstyle can help you find what works for you and what does not.

What I enjoy to do is try out hairstyles that play with the textures and gathering of my hair. Since most of the year I am used to wearing my hair down, I try to switch things up by doing a high bun or braiding my hair so that it looks more composed. I am not a hair person but I wish there were more hairstyles that woman like myself can do so as to switch things up. Luckily there are hairstyles that look fancy and creative but are very practical.

To help you change up your look, here are some great hairstyles that you can do at home.

1. The half-braid

Braids are the perfect hairstyles for variety. Braids are super chic and have a boho vibe that can really incorporate into your daily look. What a half-braid bun is a hippie like but with a girly twist. This look is perfect for going to the beach, concert, or simply a day out with friends. The way in which half-braid buns work is that it keep you look young and hip.

It really is your choice if you decide to add the bun as a detail at the end. You can wear a half-braid with or without a bun but as a personal choice I choose to add the bun. The bun is cute and makes for a good  statement.

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

2. Half Bun

Buns are super easy to do and are very practical for people on the go. This hairstyle is so easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair half way down and make a bun that will look like a donut.

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

3. Side Braid Hair

Side braid are a perfect detail to have especially when you want a fun and different look. Side braids really to give people the impression that you have more hair that you really do. The way side braids are done is by picking on side of your head that you want to be braided. The way braids work is that the first half of the braid is latched onto the head while the other half is just braided loosely.

The part of the braid that is attached to the head, the first half, is meant to comb out your hair. This braid keeps your hair neat and tidy while the other half is loose hair.

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

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4. Low ponytail

Low ponytails are great because it is a neat hairstyle that can put an outfit together. Low ponytails are best if they are messy. When ponytails are too neat or tight they will lose its chic look. The key for low ponytail is for them to be loose and messy so as to make your hair look voluminous.

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

5. Pigtail braids

Pigtails are super adorable and fun which can really make all the different in your look. This hairstyle is also very easy to do. In order to do pigtails you simply part your hair in half and then braid both sides.

Great Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

These are hairstyles that I do myself and can really make all the difference. These are hairstyles that are practical, fun, and cute.

Enjoy trying out these hairstyles and finding which looks work best on you. Let us know which of these looks you decided to go for.

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