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Great Fall Looks For Men

Traditionally, the fall brings cooler weather, and with that, the fashion trends and styles change. Come fall, we see men’s styles range from laid-back to a bit more business casual. I curated some greatest fall looks for men to sport when the leaves begin to litter the ground and the scent of fresh, crisp rain begins to draw near.

Denim Jackets

Fur-lined jackets are a great way to stay warm, look stylish, and add character to one’s fall looks for men. There are various styles of the jacket available to fit almost anyone’s taste. For example, try a denim sherpa jacket for a warm and stylish fall look. If you are in an area where a lined jacket would be too hot, try a detachable fleece collard jacket instead. Both of these jackets add personality and showcase great style no matter your location this Fall. Try the Denim Sherpa Jacket from Urban Society for a fully lined jacket, or try ASOS’s Detachable Fleece Collar Denim Jacket. 



Adding a layered element to any fall looks for men can make your ensemble go the extra mile. Sometimes adding that touch can complete an outfit. Imagine the scarf as the bow on top of an already amazingly wrapped package. Whether you sport a leather jacket, a cardigan, or a peacoat, a scarf will add flair to any outfit. There are many colors, styles, and lengths for scarfs, and choosing the right one for your outfit is all about how you feel with your entire look put together. You can toss the scarf casually over your neck,  have both sides hang down, or have an extra-long scarf wrap and hang loosely around your neck. Either way, scarves are perfect for the fall and tie up your look nicely.  Be sure to check out the Banana Republic for great scarves for men.

Peacoat/ Military Jacket

A peacoat or military jacket is a great choice to keep warm on a fall day; what is great about these jackets is that you can leave them open to show off your shirt on mild weather days. You can pair it with a cowl neck or turtleneck sweater, a cardigan, a loose-fitting t-shirt, or layer it with a plaid button-up shirt. The Peacoat or military jacket adds a sleek and put-together look while still maintaining your comfort. You can wear it while out and about on the town or while you are heading into work. The peacoat adds enough sophistication without being over the top and creates a casual dress style for the Fall season.  Check out Macy’ for various colors of men’s peacoats to add to your must-have fall looks for men collection. 

Fleece Vest/Puffer Vest

The fall is not always cold in some places, and at times layering is the best solution for your attire. If you get too hot or too cold, you can take off pieces or add pieces as needed. The fleece vest or a puffer vest is a great solution for uncertain weather in autumn. You can wear a fleece vest or puffer vest over a long sleeve plaid shirt or a long-sleeved shirt of your choosing. Some puffer vests are great for potential rain and can handle water. However, the fleece vests will keep you warm in the crisp autumn air.  So choose wisely, or pick up both styles. This is a great item to have on hand when you want a well-put-together look without going over the top. Check out L.L. Bean for Fleece vests in assorted colors. If you are interested in the puffer vest, check out JC Penney.

Cardigan Sweater

You cannot go wrong with a great cardigan sweater for fall looks for men. Cardigans can be layered over t-shirts, button-up shirts, and a variety of other choices. They pair well with jeans and slacks. The variety of color choices and designs are plentiful, and you will definitely be able to find something that suits your personality and style. Whether it is more loose-fitting with large buttons or zippers and lightweight. A cardigan is a great piece to add to your Autumn attire. If you are interested in finding some great styles, check out

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Chino Pants

Chino pants are just one of many style pants you can pair up with a cardigan, sweater, vest, or anything else that strikes your fancy for fall looks for men. Chinos are more formal than standard slacks or pants, more so than your typical khaki pants. A great thing to note about Chino pants is that the stitching is not visible. The stitches are concealed, but most other pants are not. Remember, if you are looking for a variety of colors, Chino pants will be your go-to choice because Khakis are limited in the color range. This means you have the ability to pair the Chino pants with a variety of shirts, sweaters, or jacket colors and pull together a complete ensemble bursting with your personality. You can find Chino pants at various retailers and varying in styles, such as loose fit, slim cut, and more. However, if you are a Levi fan, you may want to check out the selection sold at their website and other retailers such as JCPenney or Khols for more color choices.

3 Types of Boots

As you know, there are a variety of boots to choose from. Regardless of the fall looks for men you are going for, you only need three types of boots for the fall, dress, work, and casual. Boots look great with just about any fall outfit and prepare you for potential cold and harsh weather. You look stylish while keeping your feet comfortable and ready for anything. Timberland boots range from a 6-inch waterproof style to ones that mimic a sneaker feel called Graydon boots. However, there are also other great boots you can pick up depending on what look you are going for. ASOS has a great lace-up black leather chunky sole boot that would go great with any ensemble and has a casual look.  Finally, if you are looking for something more dressy with an old-fashioned feel, you will love  The Jack boots by Taft.  

Fall is around the corner, and with it comes a chance to show off your great Autumn fashion sense. Whether you are looking for something casual, business attire related, or want to dress up a bit for an upcoming event or occasion, there are plenty of fall looks for men above to pull off this fall. So try adding one or more of these looks and pieces to your wardrobe today and show your best Autumn self!

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