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Great Fall Dorm Devices To Furnish Your Room With

You’re either arriving for the first time or not moving off-campus. There’s a wide array of items that you can bring with you, but you want to spice things up a bit. You’d like to get some useful things but would also like to take some little bits of home, with you, to campus.

A Secret Toaster

Most dorms do not allow toasters for a very good reason: toasters kill indiscriminately. Unless you’re in an upscale, upperclassman dorm with a kitchen, then you’re going to need to hide yours. Always unplug it when you’re done. 

Get it here:

An Alarm Clock That’ll Suckerpunch You

People seem to forget that cell phones often fail. The best backup plan for getting to class isn’t in trusting another person. The absolute best backup plan for getting to class, on time, is not sleeping in the first place. The second-best plan would be to get an alarm clock. I’ve had a Sonic Bomb before. They work. 

Alarm clocks don’t need to be used every day. But on test day, if you wake up late and run into class during the second half of your language final, you’ll wish that you had one of these.

Get it here:

Let There Be Light

Some people get very festive and wrap everything in Christmas lights. You’ll (at the very least) want a lamp of some sort. The best lamps have heavy, metal bottoms. The plastic-bottomed ones are not worth getting, get entirely too dusty with all of those crevices, and are not easy to take off.

Do yourself a favor and get a bulb that won’t give you a migraine. The fluorescent lights they glue onto the ceiling could cut through your paper-thin dorm walls, burning everyone’s retinas within a 10-foot radius.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Let’s get serious for a second: you’re going to be sitting down a lot and for long periods of time. Your buttocks need something to support that tailbone. The dorm chairs normally come in either solid wood or solid wood with a thin layer of fabric that looks like it was spraypainted on. Everlasting Comfort makes a seat cushion with great reviews.

Get it here:

Stapleless Stapler

Yes, the libraries have staplers. You have a set limit of pages you can print out. What happens if you decide to print a Harry Potter novel or if you need to print something out very quickly before class? You’ll need a staple for that.

Get it here:

A Printer…To Print Things

It’s a rough life when you have to run across campus to print out that thing you should’ve printed yesterday. You pair a printer with a stapler and wow, you’re set. Of all the fall dorm devices, this one is probably the most important. If you can afford to get one, get one.

Get it here:

See Also

White Board

You’re in a math class and you’re sick of having to write out calc problems on multiple pages. Maybe you’re an art student who shuns the maths, but you’ve got some really great ideas for that novel that’ll never be finished.

Get it here:

A Nice Floor Mat

Everybody needs a little something to add a little pizzazz to the room. This is where it’s at. You may want to get something more welcoming, but if you think this is your style—give that image a click. It’s an ironical starter for any conversation.

Just place it below your bed and run duct tape along the edge of the room, creating a visible boundary between you and the person who’s using your paper towels without your permission.

Get it here:

If you’re planning on getting different fall dorm devices, then let us know which ones in the comments section down below!

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