5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

Featuring some of the best brunch spots around, Montreal has much to offer in terms of culinary diversity, quality and can cater to a variety of people, no matter your wallet size. To help you find the perfect place according to your budget, here are 5 great brunch spots in Montreal for every price point.

1. Chez José Café ($)

Some of the best brunch spots are often found in places that stick to making good food at fair prices and are lively and unpretentious. Chez José Café does exactly that. This eclectic neighbourhood cafe has been around for over 25 years and serves up an assortment of sandwiches, platters, sweet and savoury crepes, smoothies, pastries and is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Try their assortment of breakfast or omelette platters, some starting at only $10 (the priciest being $11.75) or their famous Portuguese style fish stew for only $6.75 (this particular soup is only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). Breakfast and brunch are offered daily.

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

2. Le Vieux Vélo ($)

Many brunch spots often have a specialty or signature dish that draws customers to their establishments. In this case, Le Vieux Vélo is known for serving delicious egg dishes including their creative variations on eggs Benedict, French Toast with Fresh Fruits and Granola, wonderful Bagels with Lox and for having some of the lowest prices in town.

The most expensive dish on the menu will run you about $9.75 and the extras range from $1 to $2.50. Located in a small and cozy locale, this eatery serves breakfast and lunch till 4pm.

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

3. Fabergé Restaurant ($$)

If you are looking for more mid range brunch spots, try Fabergé Restaurant. This daytime lounge, located in the Mile End, is an all day breakfast spot that takes pride in their menu and socially responsible actions (from sourcing local and fair trade ingredients to composting and recycling).

All their recipes are made in house and consist of creative and delicious dishes such as their Breakfast Poutine, Fried Mac N’ Cheese Eggs Benedict and their signature Chicken And Waffles. Prices range from $11 to $25 and they offer vegetarian friendly options.

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

4. Maison Publique ($$$)

If you are looking for more upscale brunch spots, try Maison Publique located in the heart of the Plateau. Resembling a traditional British pub, this hip restaurant is featured on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list as number 11 and is owned by Chef Derek Dammann, who has worked with the likes of Jamie Oliver.

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Brunch is served every weekend from 10:30am till 2pm and the menu changes regularly. Expect hearty, comforting, generous and flavourful dishes with locally sourced, strictly Canadian ingredients. Prices range from around $30 to $60.

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

5. Maison Boulud ($$$$)

One of the priciest brunch spots in the city would be, hands down, Maison Boulud, a posh spot located in Montreal’s downtown Ritz-Carlton. This restaurant, run by renowned French Chef Daniel Boulud, serves an elevated, elegant and clever French menu and brunch every weekend.

Choose from an array of dishes like Mimosa eggs with asparagus and Sturgeon Caviar, eggs Benedict with Matane shrimp and Choron sauce or the Blood Orange Chocolate Mousse. Top it off with your choice of cocktails like a classic Mimosa for $14 or a $33 Kir Royale. Most of the items on the menu are priced at $60 and over and a reservation is required.

5 Great Brunch Spots In Montreal For Every Price Point

Now that you’ve read this list, which of these spots is right for your budget?  Which would you want to try first? Let us know your thoughts and your favourite brunch spots in the comments down below!

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