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10 Great Atlanta Restaurants You’ve Been Missing Out On

10 Great Atlanta Restaurants You’ve Been Missing Out On

10 Great Atlanta Restaurants You've Been Missing Out On

Atlanta, Georgia is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with thousands of restaurants to choose from. The trick is finding the good and interesting ones that aren’t so mainstream. If you’re looking for more unique places to eat, here are 10 great Atlanta restaurants you’ve been missing out on!

1. Sweet Melissa’s

Yes, everyone loves the flying biscuit and it is incredible, but there are other just as tasty brunch places that have been sadly neglected. Sweet Melissa’s is an amazing brunch spot located in the heart of Decatur Square that you need to check out! Their french toast is so decadent and their omelettes will keep you coming back over and over again. It’s a similar price to other brunch spots so it’s definitely worth checking out next time you want to do brunch with the girls!


2. Mamak

Mamak is a delicious Malaysian food spot in Asian square on Buford Highway. Buford Highway is otherwise known as the international highway because of the variety of culture and cuisine, and there are so many places to choose from! However, being a frequent diner on Buford Highway, Mamak is one of the best Atlanta restaurants you can find. If you’ve never had Malaysian food before, this place is a great introduction to that kind of cuisine and you can even get takeout if you want just a quick bite!


3. Richard’s Southern Fried

If you’re looking for some classic Southern fried chicken, no need to look any harder! Richard’s Southern Fried has some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, and it’s at a super reasonable price too. They’ve been awarded with the best chicken and waffles so this is one of the most classic southern Atlanta restaurants that you have to hit up! It’s located in Krog Street Market, which is also a super fun place to walk around so you can make a whole evening out of it!


4. The Nook, On Piedmont Park

This place is known for their giant fishbowl drinks and loaded tater tots, so what’s not to love? This is a great spot to go with friends before a night out and load up on some great food and drink great drinks. They have a variety of crazy loaded tater tots so you can truly indulge and the fishbowls come in original and fun flavors! This eatery is close to everything you would want to do because it’s right next to Piedmont Park, so you have to give it a try!

5. Masti- Indian Street Eats

Atlanta is home to a bunch of Indian restaurants, but Masti is one of the best spots in the city. They serve traditional Indian food but also put a twist on it with the fun street eats style. There’s something for everyone at this restaurant and if you don’t have time to sit down, they deliver and do takeout too! While this place may seem like a hole in the wall, or just another joint in a strip mall, it’s actually one of the most delicious Atlanta restaurants to eat at!


6. Pho 24

This is another one of those fantastic Atlanta restaurants on Buford Highway, but there are a few things that make it really special. For starters, it’s open twenty-four hours a day so it’s the perfect place to wind up at three in the morning after a crazy night out. It’s also a great place to try classic and delicious Vietnamese food. The real winner is that this place is pretty cheap so you can experiment with new food without breaking the bank!


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7. Uncle Julios

This is a more pricey joint, but the food is so scrumptious that it’s totally worth dishing out the extra dollars for. This place serves traditional, high quality Mexican food, so it’s an eatery that everyone in your group will want to go to. Another plus is that there are multiple locations across the greater Atlanta area so you can surely find one that’s close to you!


8. Pasta De Pulcinella

If pasta is one of your favorite foods, this is one of the Atlanta restaurants that you need to hit up right now. Their pasta is homemade, making it super delicious and fresh. They also serve lots of different dishes so you can experiment and try something new! It’s located in the heart of Midtown so you can see the city before or after you eat dinner. Also, it’s surprisingly cheap for the amazing quality of food that you’re getting, so it’s worth checking out ASAP!


9. Poor Calvin’s

If you live in Atlanta and haven’t been to Poor Calvin’s, that needs to change right now. It’s one of the best Atlanta restaurants and is fairly well recognized in the trendy food scene. Their menu features a lot of traditional Southern soul food but with Calvin’s twist on it. This place is a little costly, but it’s a great spot to go for a special occasion or if you want to splurge a little bit. Just know that with changing menu items, it’s Calvin’s way or the highway!

10. Bistro Niko

This is definitely a special occasion location. This restaurant is a classic French place and the ambiance matches perfectly. They have amazing fish and meat, so you’ll definitely find something perfect for you. The cheese puff appetizers are to die for, so if you go here, that menu item is one that you absolutely have to get. It’s a fancy place in Buckhead, so make sure to dress up and make a night of it!


Which one of these Atlanta restaurants are you going to try next? Let us know in the comments below!

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