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10 Graphic Tees That’ll Brand You The Cool Chick

10 Graphic Tees That’ll Brand You The Cool Chick

There’s no point living life as a plain white tee. True, they match with everything, but every basic thing does. Which is why graphic tees are the hot thing to make you stand out, branding you as the ‘cool chick’ who girls secretly admire from afar and guys think ‘damn, she’s cool’. Want to jump on board this super cool train, but don’t know where to start? This list of 10 graphic tees is a fantastic place to start.

1. Rolling Stones

Let’s start with the obvious of choices for a graphic tee, and that’s a band that was so influential and cool that people are still wearing them on their t-shirts years later. This is a colourful number that will catch people’s eye and make them wonder just where you got that tee from? NastyGal is where. Don’t be afraid to show a little bright colour every now and then. Rock’n’roll!


2. The Beatles

Yes, I said it. The Beatles. Who doesn’t love the Beatles? Be prepared to make some new friends once you step out in this ultra cool tee. The bold, red lettering across the top and grainy picture of our boys gives this graphic tee an awesome vintage vibe that goes well with a leather skirt or black denim jeans and boots. Hey you, don’t be afraid… to rock this graphic tee and look totally cool doing it.

3. French Me

Now, if you’re a gal who doesn’t beat about the bush and likes to get straight to the point, then this is one of those not-so-subtle graphic tees designed just for you. The font, which looks like it came from an 80’s sitcom (which we love), warmly invites the reader of said shirt to come a little closer. So just as a warning, if you don’t enjoy human contact, this may not be your tee. But if you’re unafraid to tell people exactly what you want, then enjoy, girlfriend!


4. Flower Chart

What’s cooler than a girl who knows her florals? Nothing. Except for this shirt, which is not only amongst the coolest of graphic tees, but is very informative for those looking for a new plant to brighten their residence. This happy tee would look great tucked into jeans or underneath denim overalls.


5. Neon NASA

Now moving in a slightly different direction than a soft, flowery printed tee, we have this on-trend long-sleeve that could stop traffic if you wanted it to. On cooler days when you want something more than your black and white-based graphic tees, reach for this space-age number that will definitely make you the coolest chick in town. Cause only the cool girls go to space.

6. Nirvana

Nothing is more classic than a vintage band graphic tee, which is why we have Nirvana as a part of this graphic tees list. There are only a handful of bands that can stand the test of time on a tee and not become outdated, like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and NIRVANA. Every cool girl needs this tee as a staple of her wardrobe. Nirvana was the top of the top in their day; some say they still are, so why not proudly show them off?


7. Queen

I’m sure by now you’re starting to see a pattern here, and it’s for a good reason. This reason is that Queen is one the greatest bands of all time. There’s no arguing that. But that’s not just why this band’s graphic tee has made it on here; have you seen the artwork on this bad boy? The colours mesmerise and the medieval artwork on the back belongs in a museum. For these reasons, this graphic tee will definitely brand you a cool chick!

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8. The Wave

Speaking of artwork, The Wave is a piece of art that is widely recognised and admired by billions. So who doesn’t want to walk around wearing it on their shirt? Not only will you garner some appreciative nods while wearing this graphic tee, but you’ll prove that you’re a cultured woman who knows priceless art when she see’s it. Regina George could never!


9. Cherub

This is a graphic tee that is so 90’s, and therefore, is totally cool. Sometimes we can feel a little self-conscious about having a cute, chubby, baby angel on our chest, but this is a tee that deserves zero self-doubt! Wear this graphic tee with confidence, paired with high waisted mom jeans or with a denim skirt.

10. Tommy Tee

Lastly, let’s go designer with this vintage-esque, 90’s feel Tommy Jeans tee. This shirt is so simple, yet does the job of letting everyone know your standards without making you appear untouchable. What I describe is the term ‘cool’, which is what you will be once you step out in this floaty tee, tucked into, none other than, Tommy denim jeans perhaps?


If these 10 graphic tees don’t automatically make you the coolest kid in school, it’s only because you haven’t worn them yet. What are your favourite graphic tee designs? Share them in the comments below!

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