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20 Signs You’re From Grand Haven

20 Signs You’re From Grand Haven

Life in the "unsalted coast" is the best. From Mulligans Hollow to the beautiful beaches, these are 20 signs you're from Grand Haven!

Grand Haven is the perfect destination for tourists, but it is also loved by those who live here. However, only someone from Grand Haven will know and truly appreciate the local shops and little hidden gems this city has to offer. If you relate to these 20 signs, there’s a good chance you’re probably from Grand Haven.

20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

1. You know what and where the Sailboat is

No this is not a literal sailboat, but it is an iconic structure in Grand Haven. It is used as a meeting spot for friends, a background for pictures, and a place to play hide-and-seek.


20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

2. You get offended when people call a Pronto Pup a corndog

No one quite understands what makes a pronto pup so magical. However, we will wait in line for 2 hours for one.

20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

3. You laugh when you see people lining the bleachers to watch the musical fountain

People travel from far places to watch this musical fountain, which may be unique and cool to experience once. But if you live here, the colorful dancing waters aren’t too impressive.


4. You’re always excited for the Coast Guard Festival no matter how many years you’ve gone

Whether it is the brilliant fireworks, the adventurous carnival rides, or the gathering of people, Coast Guard has something for everyone.

5. When you have to save your firework seats 2 days before the actual fireworks

Although the Coast Guard Festival is wonderful, the amount of people that come requires sitting out 2 full days before. On Thursday, everyone gathers around 3 p.m. to sit on their blankets until 12:01 a.m. which is when your space becomes “yours.”

6. Butch’s Beach Burritos

Although the building is small, Butch’s is the perfect lunch on the water whether you’re a tourist or you live here!


7. People remind you that you’re on the south side of the bridge

If you need a ride home from someone who lives north of Grand Haven, they will always tell you no because you live on the other side of the draw bridge.

8. You have the most beautiful beaches around

Grand Haven’s beach has been rated on the top multiple times among the best beaches in Michigan, and even the USA. Being from Grand Haven, we know this is accurate and we love it. We are thankful for our beautiful waters and soft beaches.

20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!


9. Save the Catwalk

It was devastating when the catwalk was taken down for construction; however, the city is working together as a community to raise 1 million dollars to “Save the Catwalk.”

10. Imagination Station

This wooden park is guaranteed to hold some of your fondest childhood memories.

11. Mulligans Hollow on snowdays

Snowdays are meant to keep students off the roads, right? In Grand Haven, a snowday is the perfect day to drive to Mulligans Hollow to ski or snowboard with your friends, and show off your latest tricks.


20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

12. Duey Hill Cross controversy

The cross is extremely important to many members of the city who are still making petitions to put the giant cross back on the top of the main hill in Grand Haven.

13. Applebee’s half off apps

9:00 p.m on weekdays and 10:00 p.m. on the weekends. Yes, this happens in more places than Grand Haven, but we are sure to take advantage of this special after every sporting event or for a late night hang out spot.

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14. Icecream everywhere

Whether you prefer soft serve, hard ice cream, or frozen yogurt, Grand Haven has a place you’ll enjoy. No matter where you are at any moment, you’re sure to be within 2 minutes of an ice cream shop.  

15. You own at least one “Lake Michigan unsalted” shirt

They come in almost every color, and good thing they do because that slightly decreases the chances of wearing the exact shirt as the person next to you. #twinpic?


20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

16. Bootcamp isn’t referring to the military

Fit body boot camp has become an extremely popular place to work out, lose weight, and gain muscle. You can find people of all ages here and posting about it on social media.

17. Parking, good luck

Unless you’re willing to pay the ticket, be sure to follow the signs for 3 hour max parking. But either way, you’re likely still walking a few minutes to your destination.

18. State Park is literally on the beach

Our state park isn’t on grass or dirt. It’s right on the sand and only a few steps to the water. It also takes a year long reservation to actually camp there.


19. The sunsets are perfect no matter what season

Grand Haven is gorgeous, and we are so thankful for that. Whether it is the waves amongst the red lighthouse or the ice caves, there’s always a perfect backdrop for a perfect sunset.

20 sings you're from Grand Haven Michigan!

20. The Trolley

It’s super fun for weddings or even just a ride around the city. With multiple pick ups, it only costs 75 cents to ride.

Do you have any other signs you’re from Grand Haven!? Share in the comments below!

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