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10 Graduation Party Ideas You’ll Want To Try For Yourself

You stride down the wide aisle at graduation, wondering if you’ll fumble in your flimsy heels and smiling sheepishly as you’re handed your diploma, your mind immediately goes to what’s next. Your graduation party.

Whether you have plans to attend a big university nearby or are jetting across the country to attend a small private school, a great graduation party is the best way to start the next chapter in a memorable way. Gather all your closest friends and family and celebrate all your hard work with a party suited to you.

1. Jar of hearts

Buy some plain Mason jars and decorate them with metallic Sharpie’s or a glue gun and an arsenal of ribbon and sequins. Prepare small strips of paper and label the jars for guests to put notes in. You can have one for words of wisdom, or best memory together. You can keep your notes and read them over when you’re homesick.

2. Selfie station

What better way to make your party stand out than an Insta-ready selfie station for guests? Pick up some sparkly wall decorations from the dollar store, or make a specialized frame with your name!

3. Brilliant balloons

Get some helium-filled balloons in a color of your choice (gold is super chic) and all of your best photos, from high school football games to pictures of you and your little brother learning how to ride a bike. Hole punch the photos and tie them onto each balloon string for a cute and simple decoration.

4. Cute card box

It’s essential for any grad party that you have a designated spot for family and friends to drop off cards. Decorate a simple wooden crate or get creative and make your own. A well-placed card box will help you keep track of all your notes to hold onto for years to come!

5. Bubble letter balloons

Okay, so balloons are making a comeback. Maybe a bit basic, but gold bubble letter balloons are a trendy way to decorate for relatively cheap. Spell out your name, or congrats and place above your yearbook table for a cute photo wall opportunity too!

6. Guest book

For those who didn’t cash in on an expensive yearbook, you can buy a plain notebook and decorate the cover with photos, or print out a simple design. Lay it on a table and your guests can write a note to commemorate the occasion.

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7. Pour it up

Get creative with the adult beverages offered at your grad party! Have mom and dad make some jello shots for the guests, or add fruit and juice concentrate to champagne for a picture perfect drink. You can have sparkling faux champagne for guests who are underage!

8. Sweets and treats

While a cake is a classic, you can try more unique options that make your party stand out! Buy some colorful cake pops, make layered brownies, decorate some snickerdoodle cookies, or dip some fruit in dark chocolate for a super suave treat.

9. Staycation

Spice up your party by picking a desired destination and theme accordingly! Whether it’s leis for guests and Hawaiian food, or delicious trays of cheese and wine for a classy Parisian celebration, a location theme is a simple yet unique way to plan your party.

10. Gift bags

Grab some small brown paper bags and get to work on finding cute (and inexpensive) trinkets to send your guests home with. Pick items that are somewhat cohesive and continue the celebration after the party. Stickers, candy, and a little letter will brighten up any guests day!

Have any grad party ideas of your own? Comment yours down below!
Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/CZ8XutyXLr8
Quinn Gawronski

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