10 Graduation Party Food Ideas You Won’t Be Able To Get Enough Of

10 Graduation Party Food Ideas You Won't Be Able To Get Enough Of

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment! Now that you’ve gotten your diploma, it’s time to celebrate! But what on earth are you gonna serve at your gigantic feast? Here are 10 amazing food options that your guest will love!


Who doesn’t love pizza? Order a couple of gigantic pies with various toppings and let your guest pig out! Whether you go for a more chain based restaurant or a local shop is entirely up to you. Regardless, this option will fill your guest right up!

Having your big graduation party? Here are 10 food ideas to spice up your big day!


Why not add on to your pizza order with a couple of hot wings? These two meals make the perfect combo and you may actually find a decent deal when ordering out. From barbecue to spicy hot, there are countless flavors you can order for your guess. Don’t wanna get your hands dirty? Try out some boneless wings and keep your cap and gown looking fresh as you celebrate your huge success!


How are you gonna celebrate your graduation without cake? No matter the flavor, your guest will be eagerly anticipating that delicious cake! Either purchase a fancy store-bought cake or make your own if your baking skills are good enough!

Food Platter.

Get yourself a couple of food platters to entice the appetites of your guest. From Ritz cracker to square cheese, these snacks will help satisfy the hunger of your guest in between main courses.

Soft Drinks.

Make sure your guest don’t die of thirst! You should readily have beverages such as soda, punch, and water available at all times! Depending on the size of your anticipated party, you may wanna purchase extra drinks to make sure everyone remains refreshed throughout the celebration.


What’s a party without some chips? Seriously, who throws a party without having bowls of chips? Get yourself a variety of potato chips to ensure that you don’t become that weirdo who left chips off the menu!


Maybe traditional cakes aren’t your thing? Try their smaller counterparts and keep your guest smiling as they devour the miniature baked goods. You may also wanna have a variety of flavors to ensure that there’s a cupcake for everyone attending your special day!

Having your big graduation party? Here are 10 food ideas to spice up your big day!

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Okay, I swear I’m not trying to rot the teeth of your guest, but cookies are a must at any party. Whether they are chocolate chip cookies or fluffy sugar cookies, your guest will be delighted to gobble them up. Again, the more choices available for your guest, the better! As a side note, I’m not responsibilities for any possible visits to the dentist that may be arranged after your party.

Fruit Cups.

Feeling guilty about possibly giving your loved one’s diabetes? Get them some fruit cups ASAP! Not only will these randomly assorted cups of fruit ease your mind, but you’ll also help counterbalance all the junk food listed above. It may not be much of a counterbalance but hey, baby steps! Everything from grapes to peaches will do and there’s bound to be one type of fruit cup that your guest will enjoy.

Finger Food.

And finally, finger food makes the list! Impress your friends and family by stacking your party tables with tons of finger food. Haven’t you ever wanted to host one of those fancy parties where adding tiny sticks to any dish will somehow make it seem fancier? Well now’s your chance! What better occasion than your college graduation to seem more worldly to all of your friends and family? It really doesn’t matter exactly what kind of finger food you get as long as there’s some variety on offer.

Having your big graduation party? Here are 10 food ideas to spice up your big day!

Can you think of any more food? Tell us below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.brit.co/tiny-finger-foods-toothpick-recipes/
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