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Graduation Masks Made For The Class Of 2021

Graduation for the Class of 2021 is so close, yet so far with midterms in session and finals coming up sooner than we may think, but that shouldn’t stop us from putting our best foot forward to accept that well deserved diploma. Although typically we just plan our graduation outfits, it’s also time to start planning what kind of graduation masks we will be sporting this year. Check out these awesome and unique graduation masks made for the Class of 2021!

1. Class Of 2021 Mask

This mask is a fun classic, as it just says “Class of 2021” on it. I love it because although it is simple, it has print all over it that is super fun for graduation! You’re graduating COLLEGE, you may as well spice it up with one of the best graduation masks out there!

Shop This Mask Look Below:

2. “Grad” Gold Glitter Mask

Another one of my favorite graduation masks because of its simplicity. Believe it or not, a lot of these graduation masks will be following the same theme… just a lot of different patterns and colors. I love this mask because it’s basic, all black, but it has gold glitter on it! Now who doesn’t love some glitter on their graduation day?! Check out this mask below on Zazzle for only $12.95!

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3. “I Can Virtually Do Anything!” Mask

This is one of those graduation masks that has such a fun little play on words. I can VIRTUALLY do anything… get it? The Class of 2021 has been through a lot the past year and a half, so it’s safe to say they can (literally) virtually do anything. May the power of Zoom be with the Class of 2021 forever. Well, hopefully Zoom isn’t forever, but you get the point.

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4. “Graduate” Mask

This is another one of my favorite graduation masks because it is so simple and very similar to the gold and black one above. I love that this one says graduate in cursive, with the Class of 2021 written above it. 

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5. Personalized Masks

Personalized masks are a great way to make graduation masks all the more fun! You can literally get any color mask with anything written on it, something appropriate of course! You could get your school color or go with a mask color that is totally your choice. You could get your name on it, your favorite quote, or just keep it simple with the Class of 2021 written on it. The choices are endless. You and your college besties could even plan something to match on graduation day!

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6. “Senioritis” Mask

This graduation mask is so original and hilarious! This is one of those graduation masks that will make everyone laugh and reflect on the crazy year we had with COVID-19. Senioritis is real guys! Have some fun on graduation day with this great mask available on Etsy for $10.99. Shop it before it’s too late! Even if you did test positive for COVID-19, that’s okay! This mask still applies to you guys, I promise!

Shop This Mask Look Below:

7. “Friends” Themed Mask

This is one of the most creative graduation masks I have seen yet! I mean, come on! Friends is such an iconic TV show, so I think it’s hilarious to see that there is a mask reflecting the pandemic through the show’s title sequence “The one where…” And let’s be real, to the Class of 2021, you guys totally made history through this pandemic. Hats off to you guys, literally. If you’re a Friends fan, check this mask out on Etsy below.

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Shop This Mask Look Below:

8. “Hotter By One Degree” Mask

Here is another great graduation mask. I hope you understand the reference, hotter by one degree, get it?! No, not one degree Fahrenheit, one degree as in DIPLOMA! Duh. I’m sure everyone understand the joke, but I’m just making sure. This mask is so much fun because I honestly never though of this pun myself. If you and all of your friends wear matching masks, this would be a fun one to match with. It is more expensive, for it is $18.95 on Zazzle but in my opinion it is totally worth the money. You can also customize the colors if you wish. Check it out below!

Shop This Mask Look Below:

9. “Senior 2021” Mask

I am obsessed with this masks because it isn’t one of your typical graduation masks. It isn’t black or white or gold, it is actually super colorful and fun! It is available on RedBubble for only ten dollars, which is such a steal for such a cute and customized mask! The purple is such a cute and standout color, and the big cursive letters and multicolored numbers will make you hard to miss at graduation. If you are more of a colorful person, definitely shop this mask before it runs out.

Shop This Mask Look Below:

10. Your School Logo Mask

No matter where you attend college, I am 99% positive that your school store will sell a mask with your school logo on it! What better way to graduate than with a mask representing where you spent the best four years of your life? I attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and this mask that they have is available at their school store. If you also happen to attend UMass, shop one of their cute graduation masks below! And if you do not go to UMass, check out your school’s store or website for some!

Shop This Mask Look Below:

I hope you loved these creative graduation masks! Masks might have put a damper on your senior year of college, but don’t let it put a damper on your graduation day. What are your favorite graduation masks seen above? Let us know in the comments below!

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Victoria Tustin

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