10 Graduation Hair Looks That Will Catch Attention

It’s almost time for graduation. The bees will buzz, the air will go from sharp and cold to soft and warm. You’ll take that embarrassing cap and gown photo and make sure your face doesn’t look too sweaty. One thing you can count on is that your hair will make you the center of attention, shiny forehead and all. Here are 10 graduation hair looks that will catch attention.

1. Half-Crown Braid

The half-crown braid is everyone’s favorite rustic aesthetic. Try doing a loose and elegant braid and placing it around your head like a crown. Not only will this keep you a little cooler in the hot weather, it’s a DIY look but can come off as professional. This look is good for all hair types.

2. Waterfall Curls

If you have straight, curly hair or wavy hair, gentle waterfall curls can provide you with a dramatic and dynamic change for your graduation hair look. This look is great for long hair and is sure to capture a lot of double-takes. It will also look great with your cap and all those graduation photos your parents will be sure to snap.

3. Faux Bob

The belated April Fools of the graduation hair! Freak your friends out and make them think you chopped all your hair off by just pinning up some of your hair. This style gives off the 1930’s flapper girl vibe you’ve always wanted. You’ll be ready to party like Gatbsy’s in town. Not only will you look super cute, but you’ll also give everyone a big surprise.

4. The Side-Parted Lob

Probably the simplest out of all the graduation hairstyles, but always a winner, the side-parted is a chic way of showing off your best side. It’s a cool, sleek, clean look that’s definitely grad-cap friendly if you already have medium length hair. Don’t be afraid go to simple! Sometimes that stands out the most.

5. Short Box Braids

Spice up your everyday look with these box braids. This is one of the cutest grad hair looks you can go for. It’ll look great with any dress, gown, or outfit, and it can easily go from casual to party aesthetic if you want to add clips and sparkly embellishments.

6. Boho Braid

This chunky, elegant braid will catch all the eyes in the room for its simplicity and serious charm. It’s a go-to hairstyle if you want something comfy, and that will last the day. Great for long hair!

7. Beach Wave Bob

You and your classmates are probably already set for summer. Make it official with your graduation hair! Do you already have short hair? Beach waves are a calm classic and always trending hairstyle that’ll win hearts everywhere. Waves are easy to style, but oh so pretty to look at.

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8. Ombre

Want to stand out under your cap? Try an ombre with some waves for something exciting. You should get this professionally done for the best results. This process will totally change the way your hair looks. If you’re bored with current hair color, why not take graduation as a time to spice it up?

9. Bubble-Up Ponytail

Draw as much attention as Ariana Grande does when she sports this look on stage. This bubble-up ponytail is trending and not hard to do. It’s good for all types of hair and gives you a voluminous look. Through it over your shoulder and sport some attitude in your photos.

10. Blunt Medium Cut

Do you have super straight hair and don’t know what to do with it? Cut it blunt for an edgier, modern take on a classic cut. This sharp look will amp up your maturity and show everyone that there’s a new you in town, ready to tackle life after graduation.

Which of these looks will you try for graduation? Are there any more that you’d suggest? Leave a note in the comments below! And happy graduation!

Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash
Hadiyyah Kuma

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