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20 Graduation Gifts For Him

20 Graduation Gifts For Him

Coming up with perfect graduation gifts for him can feel impossible, but we put together the best gift ideas from tech gifts to personal care sets!

Graduation is something that we work so hard to get to and it is one of the most exciting moments of a student’s life. Whether it is your family member or boyfriend who is graduating, finding the perfect graduation gifts for him is so important. We all know how hard it can be to buy for the man in your life, so we picked out the best ideas from tech gifts to personal care! Here are 20 perfect graduation gifts for him!

Tech Gifts

You don’t need to be huge on technology to appreciate these gift ideas. Whether the man in your life likes to get dressed up with a watch or is a music lover, there is sure to be a tech gift idea below that he will be so happy to get!

1. Engraved Watch To Keep Him On Time

A watch is a really useful graduation gift and this one with wood finish will have the man in your life looking stylish. Make it a personal gift and engrave it with a special message or their name!


Engraved watches are the perfect graduation gifts for him!

2. Double Portable Charger

This portable charger is super lightweight and compact which is perfect for fitting into your pocket or squeezing into a bag. It also comes with two usb portals so that two devices can charger at once. Now he can always keep his phone charged on the go!


3. Waterproof Portable Speaker

If the graduate is someone who loves music, they are sure to love this portable speaker. It comes with so many different features, including being waterproof.

4. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have become a huge trend over the past year, especially with the newer iphones not having a headphone jack. Not having the wire connected to your phone is a huge plus, especially for people who are usually active.


5. Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon is taking over and the Fire tablet has a lot of Amazon based features like Amazon underground that are really great for people big on apps and streaming. This is a graduation gift for him that he is sure to love!



Drink Related

If the man in your life is a beer lover or just really enjoys drinking, he is sure to love the graduation gifts for him that we picked out. From home decor to games to play, we have it covered.

1. Bottle Cap Map

There are so many different beers and drinks that come with really awesome bottle caps. This is a cool and fun gift to get for your graduate that he can use for decor in his room or apartment.


2. Personalized Beer Taster

You know when you just aren’t in the mood for one specific beer/drink. Well this is perfect for those times. Personalize the graduates name on this beer taster for the perfect graduation gift for him!


3. Classic Drinking Games

Who doesn’t love a drinking game?! These are timeless games that are so much fun for events or simply having people over.


4. Personalized Flask

For the times when he needs to drink on the go, this personalized flask is a necessity. Engrave it with his graduation date or simply put his name.


5. Shot Glass Set

It is always important to have a set of shot glasses around the house. These will definitely come to use, especially at the graduation party. It also comes with a bonus shaker which is a great deal.


For The Apartment

Getting gifts for your apartment or house are usually some of the best gifts you receive. If this is the graduate’s first apartment or he has been living in one for a while, these gifts are necessities that are great for him to have!

1. Keurig Coffee Maker

Let’s face it, you cannot start the day without the right fix of caffeine. This is the perfect gift for him and saves him from spending tons of money on coffee from a shop.


2. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Maybe he is an awful cook or maybe he just doesn’t have enough time to make a full breakfast in the morning. This is the best solution for both and is as simple as it gets when making a quick breakfast. Again, this can help save him money so it’s a win win.



3. “Manly” Scented Candles

Candles are definitely a necessity in the house or apartment and these are sure to make his apartment smell so good. They come in three different “manly” scents so that he can keep the man cave a man cave.

4. His Favorite Show On A Pillow

A throw pillow from the graduate’s favorite tv show is an awesome gift for his apartment. This one from the Office is honestly hilarious and I may need it for myself.

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5. Desk Organizer/Docking Station

Staying organized is important for everyone and the man in your life may seem to struggle when it comes to keeping it together. This organizer comes with a lot of space and also has a docking station for phones or tablets.



Personal Care

You can never have too many personal care items and they can make for really great graduation gifts for him. We have all different sets from beard care to body care.


1. The Man Can

This set literally comes in a paint can and has some really awesome products. With different soaps and lotions, there are sure to be products that he will love!

2. Beard Kit

If the man in your life has a beard, chances are he is really into it. It is important to maintain the beard and keep it looking shiny and healthy.

3. Hair Pomade

Hair care is just as important as body care. This mini pomade set is meant to keep the hair healthy and acts as a gel to keep the hair styled and in place. This set is perfect to take on the go for when that bad hair day comes around!


4. Shaving Kit

Keeping a clean shaved face is really important, especially when you are entering the professional world. This set is a complete shave set to make sure that the man in your life is getting the best shave experience possible.


5. “Manly” Soap

If you have a muscle head or fitness obsessed man in your life then this soap is a funny and useful gift for him to have. With all natural products like olive oil and coconut oil, it is actually a really great soap for him!

Do you have any other ideas for graduation gifts for him? Share in the comments below!


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