25 Perfect Graduation Gifts For Her

Graduation is one of the most important and memorable days of our lives to look forward to. It can be scary and confusing at first, but with the help and guidance of others, it can be one of the most liberating experiences of our lives! Whether it’s your sister, daughter, friend or roommate going through this transition, commend her with a gift for all of the hard work she’s accomplished to get to where she is now! No matter whether she loves jewelry, makeup, super functional gifts or is a techie at heart, there is guaranteed to be something on this list for everyone! Below are 25 of the most perfect graduation gifts for her!


A good piece of jewelry will always make a timeless and classic graduation gift for her! Whether she prefers necklaces, bracelets or rings, there are so many gorgeous options out there with inspirational and motivational quotes to keep her on the right track! This will make not only for a cute gift but a sentimental keepsake she can hold on to forever.

1) “She Believed She Could…” Necklace

Give her a little daily inspiration with this necklace that reads “she believed she could so she did” available in gold and silver. You can customize it with her year of graduation, and symbol, initial and birthstone charms!

2) A Wrist Cuff

This minimal wrist cuff is perfect for any girl who loves simplistic jewelry. You can customize it with a saying of your choice and the date of graduation to make it a cherished gift!

3) A Personalized Necklace

Another cute necklace with encouraging words to keep her motivated on her journey in life! Customize it with her name and year of graduation.

4) A Reminder Ring

Another simple and timeless piece of jewelry that will forever remind her to “dream big” every time she looks down! This ring won’t tarnish or change color and is flexible to fit your finger perfectly!

5) A Necklace To Never Forget Where She Came From

No matter where she’s headed after graduation, she can keep a piece of home in her heart at all times with these adorable hometown necklaces! Just specify the city and state and the heart will go in place of the city.

For The Apartment

Whether she’s getting an apartment for the first time or already has one, chances are she could use some apartment friendly gifts! From decor to kitchen accessories, just about anything that can go in an apartment will be useful for her!

6) Inspirational Wall Art

Keep her focused on her post-grad goals with these gorgeous pieces of handmade wall art. Made of reclaimed barn wood, these are sure to add a unique and cozy touch to any girl’s apartment or bedroom!


7) A Photo Hanger

Every girl needs a photo hanger! These are the perfect gift ideas for her to hang up pictures with friends and school memories so she’ll always have the good times to look back on!

8) Copper Kitchenware

There’s nothing like some gorgeous kitchenware and accessories that will instantly light up any graduate’s face. You don’t realize how much you’ll love it until you’re finally on your own! Get her started with these copper canisters perfect for any girl who’s ready to start adulting!

9) A World Map Cork Board

This multi-functional cork board is perfect for any travel enthusiast or graduate with a case of wanderlust. Not only serves as a pinning board but as stunning visual decor all on its own!

10) A Single Serve Keurig 

If she’s a coffee drinker, and doesn’t already have one of these..she needs one. These mini keurigs are perfect for small apartments and come in a variety of colors for any style!

Tech Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good tech gift?! These gifts are guaranteed to always come in handy to anyone, because let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to function without technology these days. So keep her up-to-date with the latest accessories and gadgets for optimal daily functioning.

11) A Portable Charger

These portable chargers are the perfect size for carrying in a purse or backpack on the go! Super slim, lightweight and the cord is included. All she has to remember is her phone! Long gone are the days of having a dead phone battery before noon.

12) A Smartphone Photo Printer

This amazing gift is taking digital photography to the next level! Perfect for any instagram fanatic or even those who love taking photos are their Iphones! This printer is hand-held, lightweight and will instantly print out any photo on the spot!

13) A Rose Gold Fitbit

A Fitbit is a great gift for anyone who likes to stay active and/or conscious of their health! You can keep track of your calories burned, sleeping habits and fitness levels. Also has GPS tracking and can be synced with your phone for all your notifications!

14) A Lenovo Laptop

The perfect gift for any graduate is a new laptop, especially if they’re really in need of an upgrade. Get her started on the right foot with a brand new Lenovo laptop with amazing capabilities and customizable functions!

15) A Portable Charging Laptop Desk

This portable desk is an amazing gift for multiple reasons. It’s lightweight, folds and can easily fit into any standard backpack. It’s compatible with all products including laptops and smartphones that use a USB port to charge, and comes with two USB ports so you can charge both your devices at once! And if you hate getting out of bed (who doesn’t?) you need this in your life.

Beauty Gifts

Every recent grad is in need of a little pampering after all the hard work they’ve done over the years! Whether she needs some hair, skin or nails lovin’, any of these beauty gifts will be sure to put a smile on her face!

16) A Hair Repair Kit

This is one of the top-rated and best selling hair repair kits for damaged hair! And I’m sure her hair could use a little rejuvenation after the beating she’s probably given to it throughout the years!

17) The Clarisonic Skin Cleanser

This skin cleanser works absolute wonders for any tired skin that’s in need of a reboost! Perfect for teens and women struggling with that pesky young adult acne!


18) A Customizable Manicure Set

If she loves getting her nails done every week, now she can save money and do it on her own! This kit comes with gel polish and all the things you need for flawless salon nails at home!

19) A Makeup Brush Set

There’s nothing quite like a set of new makeup brushes for any makeup lover. If she’s into makeup, she will seriously love you forever with this 20 piece set that comes in 20 different colors to choose from!

20) Any Beauty Lover’s Favorite Gift

Sephora is like makeup heaven for any girl. With all of the best products to choose from, it’s easy to accidently spend hours in this store. A gift card is the perfect option if you’re not sure what she likes! Available in amounts starting at $10 and going all the way to $250!

Miscellaneous, But Neccessary

Do you ever just see something and immediately think of someone who could use it or think what a great invention it is? These are the perfect gifts specifically for those reasons.

21) A Way To Keep Track Of Her Spending

Dealing with finances is no easy task, especially if you’re just starting out on your own. If you know someone who’s going through this transformation, this personal banker organizer is the perfect gift. It keeps track of receipts, spending, bills, budgets and more and will definitely help to keep you on track with your finances!


22) The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

So much better than your average plastic water bottle, the top-rated Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is a great gift for anyone who loves adding a little taste and color to their water!

23) A Good Book

These are great reads for anyone in need of a little inspiration. Whether you’re looking to eat healthy, feel better about yourself or if you’re just in need of a little post-grad motivation, look to these books.


24) A Personalized Weekender Bag

The real journey begins after graduation! Make sure she travels in style with a personalized weekender bag so she’ll never lose track it!


25) A Personalized Planner

A planner is an essential item for entering the adult world. Make sure she stays organized and on top of tasks with a stylish new planner. Make it even better by adding some personalization!


Do you have any other good ideas for graduation gifts for her? Share in the comments below!

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