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11 Graduation Gifts For Her She’s Guaranteed To Love

11 Graduation Gifts For Her She’s Guaranteed To Love

11 Graduation Gifts For Her She's Guaranteed To Love

When someone you love is graduating, you want to gift them with something they’ll really love and actually use! If you’re stuck on what to get her for her graduation day, here are 11 graduation gifts for her she’s guaranteed to love. We’ve got the perfect gift for the techy girl, the music lover and the home chef! Whatever she’s into, look no further than this list of graduation gifts for her!

1. Sentimental Jewellery

What is more special to give to your gorgeous graduate, whether she be your daughter, niece, girlfriend, best friend or sister, than jewellery she’ll always have on her to remind her of you? While it is a small gesture, it is often the smallest gifts that mean the most. Jewellery pieces like necklaces and bracelets that come with a pendant or charm that is relevant to the graduate, is definitely a special touch that she’ll love!


2. Polaroid Camera

As she goes off to college or university, or starts to make plans to travel the world, she’ll want a way to record all of her adventures. So why not send her off with a polaroid camera? Not only is this gift super cute, but it creates instant memories she can use to decorate her dorm room or stick to her laptop, or just keep in a special place! You can add to this gift by giving her a blank journal to stick all of her pictures in. She’ll definitely appreciate the thought!

3. Cookbook

This is an especially handy gift for a girl about to live in a dorm room and hates even the idea of cafeteria food, or buying busloads of ramen. Luckily, there are hundreds of cookbooks out there that cater to any style of living, providing awesome recipes for whatever your situation. If her situation is about to be a hotplate in a tiny room, then give her a cookbook that she can use to create delicious meals with fresh ingredients! Her health is your top priority!


4. Coffee Machine

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, obviously didn’t live in the 21st century where coffee is the lifeblood of the recently graduated. Her very own coffee machine is one of the best graduation gifts for her, especially if it comes with at least a month’s supply of coffee and a cute mug! Make her the most popular girl in her dorm with this gift idea that’ll fuel her late night study sessions!


5. Portable Charger

A portable charger is one of the most practical graduation gifts for her. As she’s running about in her post-grad life, whether at college or uni, or traipsing around the globe, her phone is eventually going to die on her at a time she needs it most! Make sure that doesn’t happen by gifting her with a good quality portable charger that won’t run dry by the second use. Your girl will love it!

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

What’s better than studying in a room full of distracting sounds while trying to listen to music? Studying in a room full of distracting sounds that you can’t hear because you’re wearing noise cancelling headphones! For a college or uni student, these babies are a god-send. Trust when I say this is a fabulous graduation gift she won’t take for granted!


7. Bluetooth Speaker

For when she’s not trying to keep quiet while studying, a bluetooth speaker is another of our awesome graduation gifts for her! Whether she’s out with friends, having a dance break between essay writing, or just needs to listen to her tunes without the use of headphones, this is the gift for her! Plus, they’re super compact and convenient.


8. Weekend Bag

If your graduate is planning on moving away soon after receiving her degree, then a new weekend bag is one of the best graduation gifts for her. As she’s travelling back and forth, she’s going to need a cute weekend bag to hold all of her weekend essentials. It’s a gift that goes a long way!

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9. Insulated Water Bottle

This is one of those graduation gifts she doesn’t know she needs until she has one. Insulated water bottles are so essential to have, no matter what her plans are after graduation. It’s always important to have water with you wherever you are, and with an insulated water bottle, she can have her hot tea or coffee, or iced beverage with her that’ll stay at it’s initial temperature for a long time.

10. Cozy Blanket

Especially to a college or uni student, cozy blankets are such great graduation gifts for her! There’s nothing better than cozying up under a soft, warm blanket after a long day of study and stress. Chunky knit blankets are an especially popular choice, and are super cozy!


11. Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots are a crazy comfortable graduation gift that will knock the socks off of her! She’ll be walking around her chilly dorm in the warmest of footwear. Lined with sheep’s wool, this is a gift you’ll want to buy totally authentic; none of this synthetic lining! Believe me, she’ll appreciate genuine and real wool covering her toasty toes as she’s getting ready for her day. Mind you, they’re not cheap; but considering how long she’ll have and love them, they’re worth every penny!


Which of these gift ideas will you be giving your graduate on her big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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