8 Graduation Gifts For A College Grad’s First Apartment

8 Graduation Gifts For A College Grad's First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is such an exciting step for a graduate, but if you’ve ever taken that step, you definitely appreciated all the help you could get when it comes to things you actually needed, right? If you know a graduate whose about to make that exciting leap into independent living, and you’re stuck for gift ideas, then try one of these 8 graduation gifts for a college grad’s first apartment! From handy hampers to gifts for a great nights sleep, we’ve got you covered to make their transition from dorm life to apartment life a smooth ride.

1. Engraved Chopping/Cheese Board

Everyone needs a chopping board in their first apartment, so gift your grad with an engraved wooden board that they could use to chop their veggies, or serve up fancy cheeses! This is a great way to gift them with something that is useful, sentimental, and looks great in their kitchen. It’s a sweet gesture to get their first apartment’s address engraved, or a simple message that will remind them of their first time living on their own. They’ll treasure it for a long time to come!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

2. House Plant

Getting your grad a house plant is a great way to help decorate and liven up their first apartment. Moving into a new space is tiresome and there’s not often a chance to really get comfortable in the first few days. But having a living house plant brings some colour and life into their new space, which might bring some comfort. And because apartments are generally a small space, you want to get them a plant that could easily sit on the windowsill without getting in the way of much needed space!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

3. Essentials Hamper

Essential hampers are such a great gift to give to someone whose stepping out on their own for the first time. It’s often the case that you don’t know you need something until you don’t have it, which is why a hamper or cute woven laundry basket full of essential ‘homey’ items, like a cleaning spray, paper towels or coat hangers, is an awesome gift your grad will definitely appreciate!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

4. Bluetooth Keys/Wallet Tracker

It happens to everybody; you go out for the night, and you reach for your wallet, and it’s not there. Or you lose your keys as you’re running late, and you have absolutely no idea where they are! This is where bluetooth trackers come in handy for when your grad can’t find their important items. Bluetooth trackers can be attached to anything your grad wants kept safe and knows they always lose. If lost, they’re able to track their items through an app on their phone, and they’ll find their items just like that! You’ll save them a ton of stress and worry if they’re ever stuck without their wallet or keys.

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

5. Coffee Maker

Every grad needs a coffee maker in their first apartment. It’s not even a question. Not only does it save them time by not having to visit the coffee shop every morning, but it’ll save them so much money which could be put towards rent and groceries. Add to your gift by including a bag of fresh coffee or pods, and you’ve got yourself the perfect graduation gift they’ll love!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

6. Welcome Mat

Is there anything that says ‘welcome to your first apartment’ like a welcome mat? This is such an iconic gift, but one that adds such a cute touch to their new space. Customise the mat with a quote or design that is personable to your grad, like their favourite band lyrics or superhero! There are so many ways you can customise your grad’s mat in a way that they’ll love. Welcome mats also help to keep their apartment clean instead of tracking in the dirt and grim from outside. Cute and functional!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

7. Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

Speaking of keeping things clean, a hand-held vacuum is the perfect way to make sure your grad keeps a tidy space without taking up a lot of valuable space! It might make sense to a grad to skip out on buying a vacuum cleaner because of their bulk, and be satisfied with sweeping everything under the rug. But by having a hand-held vacuum cleaner, they can make cleaning up so easy while not taking up much-needed room for other essential items.

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

8. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

These are such a great gift, especially if your grad is someone who loves a solid nap and a good nights sleep. If this is the case, then a memory foam mattress topper is the perfect way to make sure they get their eight hours in without having to worry about an uncomfortable, lumpy mattress. If you wanted to be extra kind, you could buy your grad a whole memory foam mattress, but a mattress topper works just as well and will save you a buck. Your grad will appreciate a great nights sleep, thanks to you!

8 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

Which of these gifts will you be getting your grad for their first apartment? Let us know in the comments below!

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