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12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

Graduation cap designs are a fun and trendy way to celebrate finally receiving your diploma. Whether it took four years or longer, everyone deserves the chance to proudly display and showcase a monumental achievement. Graduation cap designs are one way to bring some fun and celebration to the ceremony.

You’ve finally made it- graduation day. It’s a special day that you and your classmates have longed for since your first midterm, I’m sure. As you wait for your name to be called to receive your diploma, you’ll enjoy seeing creatively decorated graduation caps in the crowd. Don’t miss out on the fun and create your own. Here are 12 designs you can use to decorate your own graduation cap: 

Inspirational quotes:

Adorn your graduation caps with some great inspirational quotes for what comes next. Graduation is just the beginning of stepping out into real-life adulthood. You managed to get by without having mom and dad under the same roof as you and now your future is completely in your hands! Instead of worrying about the future be ready to embrace the unknown.


Like this caps says, the journey is in the destination. During the graduation ceremony and celebration look back and remember all the good and the bad. It all leads to here- your graduation day! The pain was worth it especially those sleepless nights spent studying. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and you are living proof!

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Movie quotes:

Choose famous movie quotes like this one from Mean Girls for a cool graduation cap design. All your peers will chuckle seeing this bright pink cap in the sea of black with Regina George’s face on it. Let’s be real by the time graduation comes around you will probably be limping towards the finish line. Let Regina encourage you with her sassy remarks “Get in loser (in the most loving way, of course) it’s graduation time!”


12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

In memory of:

Life throws us some curveballs and hard times when we least expect it… Is there someone you’ve may have lost along the way and wish they can be with you on the big day? Or maybe you lost someone earlier on in life and wish they could have been here to see you reach this milestone. Personalize a graduation cap that helps you to remember that they are with you always, especially on graduation day.

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Applicable memes:

This popular Oprah meme is an excellent choice to top your graduation cap. Everyone is getting a diploma at graduation but a new car would be nice too. We will just have to take what we can get. Maybe you’ll get lucky and Oprah will be your commencement speaker at your ceremony. One can only dream!

12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

Field of Study:

Proudly showcase your degree that you worked so hard to earn. It takes four years and sometimes longer to figure out exactly what we were meant to do in this lifetime. That’s a big achievement itself. You now have direction and plans to further your career, whether you majored in business, literature, nursing, or mathematics, choosing a graduation cap design fitting to your major is a great way to honor all you have achieved.

12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

Song lyrics:

During those late nights of studying into the wee hours of the morning, you must have plenty of jam sessions to keep you pumped and awake. I’m sure Beyoncé must have graced your playlist on many occasions. There’s nothing more motivating than Beyoncé telling you that you run the world.

Hard work plus big dreams plus confidence? Be like B and don’t let anything get in the way of getting what you want.

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Disney themed:

Lately Disney Plus is giving us major nostalgia feels while re-watching our favorite Disney shows and movies on the new streaming platform. Entering the workforce after graduation can be scary but never give up your inner child and keep dreaming at every stage.

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12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

What comes next theme:

Keep it Real! There’s nothing wrong with being honest with everyone and letting the world know you are still a little unsure of what comes next. You just graduated and passed your courses, that’s enough for the moment. Enjoy this time of celebration and be in the moment. You’ll figure it out the future soon enough!

12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

Personal motto:

If you’re like me you had a ton of those popular Alex & Ani bracelets that you wore to promote optimism and positivity on the days when you really need it. A person motto that got you through that really hard test, or kept you going when all you wanted to do was give up and quit are great to wear on your graduation cap. It’s those words that helped you make it to graduation day and they will continue to carry you in the future.

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Showing love to support people:

Many people who have cheered us on, brought us food and helped us along the way during college. Choosing a graduation cap design that allows you to say thanks is a great way to honor those who’ve been there all along. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, aunt, best friend, or mentor they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Comic relief theme:

Let’s be honest, even after securing a degree you truly don’t know what comes next. Don’t worry you’re not alone. A graduation cap design expressing that reality is the comedic relief many of your peers will need to release all the built of tension during the last four years. You’ll all have made it to this moment, now what? Celebrate and enjoy it, the future will work its self out on its own.

12 Graduation Cap Designs To Copy This Year

From funny to inspiring, your graduation cap designs are a reflection of how you feel. This is a fun tradition that has been going on for some time. Are you getting ready to graduate this year from high school or college? How will you be decorating your graduation cap for the occasion? Let us know in the comment section below!

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