Why Graduation Was The Best And Worst Experience Of My High School Journey

Everyone's high school experience is different, but we all come together for graduation; and here's why it was the best and worst experience of high school.

High school is a four year-long journey, full of many ups and downs, trials and error, and gains and losses. While everyone has a different high school experience, graduation is a time for everyone to come together as a class and celebrate their experiences and successes over the years. And while graduation is mostly a joyous time, there were also a few negatives surrounding it. So here’s why graduation was the best and worst experience of my high school journey.

Why It Was The Best:

1. Finally Getting That Piece Of Paper

For as long as four years, we all worked super hard to accomplish that paper, THE DIPLOMA. The amount of tears and espresso each and every night, we finally got rewarded. For a moment I thought, “It’s only a piece of paper, what difference can it make?” Well, first of all, you need it to go to college. Furthermore, I can most certainly say that the Diploma is a way for me to look back and see my hard work. Behind the recognition, I got an opportunity to encounter numerous things that helped me grow as a person.

2. The Attention

“Attention” may sound somewhat needy to be honest, yet on the off chance that you felt that you weren’t recognized for the past 4 years, you will be now. The eyes are on you, you need to sit appropriately, dress legitimately, lastly the 5-second fame you get when your name is being called out as you go get your diploma? That’s enough right? Ahha, jokes apart, you are the star of this show. That’s how I felt. Despite the fact that graduation is for the rest of the class too, I felt this is ONLY FOR ME and it felt good.

3. End To The High School Drama

Despite the fact that my class size was about 50 students, we were divided as f. We definitely had events where everyone was asked to stay together as a class, but we would still wander off and sit within our group of friends. Graduation was the day where we all sat together fo real. For those 2 hours, we overlooked the division, the random snitching we did about each other, and got the opportunity to sit as THE CLASS OF 2017. Drama is a part of high school, that is something that will never show signs of change. Be that as it may, graduation had so much weight, that we overlooked whatever occurred for those couple of hours. We as a whole cried and giggled. It was as though we, as a whole, were one.

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Why It Was The Worst:

1. Reality Hits You

Umm.. money… laundry.. College?! Sitting in that very moment at graduation was when I realized that I am screwed. Now I have to deal with everything myself. Not that I wasn’t prepared for it, I just didn’t know that it was going to be real this quick. You remember how you spent your senior year waiting for the moment to move on to college? Lol, reality hits you and it hits you hard. School doesn’t teach you how to handle money or laundry 101. We never had that, but I guess we will learn it one day… (soon actually).


2. The Pressure Is On

“I know you will do amazing things later on in life,” said by teachers. This very line was a red alarm in my head throughout graduation. Umm, what?! I don’t know how to live to that expectation, in addition to this, how sure are you that I will do awesome things later on? Imagine a scenario where I don’t do anything. Well, these thoughts may sound pessimistic but the pressure is on. No doubt I was able to accomplish a considerable measure of things in high school but the minute you walk into “the real world” (college), you never know what’s going to happen. Hopefully, it turns out to be the way I want it to be.

3. I Am Probably Never Going To See Them Again

I get it, I hated half of the people in my grade. Most likely you did too, but, Class of 2017 wouldn’t be the same without them either. We went through so much, we welcomed people and watched them leave within those 4 years. We messaged people who we normally don’t talk to at 2am when we didn’t understand an assignment and yes, technology might still help by keeping us together; but the sad reality is that I probably am not gonna see them as much as I did every single day during senior year, and I will miss each and every one of them.

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Those are the reasons why graduation was the best and worst experience of my high school journey. Share your high school experiences in the comment section below!
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