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10 Reasons Why We Love Grad Party Season

10 Reasons Why We Love Grad Party Season

We have three months left before we head to the next step and you know what that means… grad parties! Here’s ten reasons why we love grad party season.

After four long years of hard work, football games, homecomings, club activities, and musicals, our time as seniors has come to an end. We’ve been accepted into colleges across the world, received our high school diplomas, and marked the end of our high school career by the throwing of our graduation caps. However, jokes on us! We still have three months left before we head into the next step of our lives and you know what that means… grad party season! Many of us already had Facebook invitations rolling in before graduation, so here’s ten reasons why we love grad party season.

1. Summer Weather

If the sun is out, then you should be too! After four long, brutal months of winter it’s important to get your dose of Vitamin D and grad parties are the perfect excuse.


2. Free Food

Whether it be catered Portillo’s or Jersey Mike’s, it’s extremely hard to turn down anything that’s free of charge. With college approaching in a couple months, our wallets will become evidently skinnier so this is the time to embrace free food in courtesy of your fellow grad. Also, here’s a tip; don’t forget to stop by the dessert table to snag yourself a snack on your way out.

3. An Excuse to Wear All Your New Summer Clothes

With summer weather comes your summer wardrobe. Break out all the stops this grad party season girls! This is the time to kick on your sandals, show off your new romper, and throw on some sexy shades.


4. Photo-ops

Now that you have on all your new summer clothes, it’s time to show them off! Grad parties have very picturesque potential by providing frames for the grads with ‘Class of 2017’ written in cursive. Also, for those that stress over Instagram captions, there are endless possibilities that can include nostalgic memories with your buds or just excitement for your future college.


5. Games

For all of you competitive people out there, it’s game time! From football to baggo, there’s always something out there for everyone. Also, from what I learned this summer, underhand is the way to go if you want the renowned title of baggo champion.

6. No Time Restrictions

In the summer, a lot of us tend to have busy schedules with summer jobs. Luckily, grad parties are very flexible. Because they last for a couple hours, it’s a relaxed, come-and-go type of environment where the host will not be offended if you leave early.


7. Grad Party Crawl

The weekend had to be the most popular time to host a grad party and because of that, more than four could be scheduled for the same day. Some of us see it as a stressful situation, but many of us see it as an adventure! Grad parties could start as early as noon and go as late as midnight, so it wasn’t a problem divvying up your time between them all. The more the merrier!

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8. Playing with Pets

Backyards are a hot spot for grad parties, so naturally you’ll meet your fellow grad’s furry friend. When they’re not trying to scavenge for spills of food, they’re perfect to pet and cuddle up to. Also, baggo and dogs are a dangerous mix since baggo will probably turn into a game of fetch.


9. No Awkward/Forced Talks With The Family

If it’s not your grad party, you’re able to skip the awkward small talk with the relatives. There’s no need to prepare a small spiel about what you want to do in the future!

10. One (or many) Last Hoorah(s)

This may or may not be the last time you will see all of your classmates together in the same place, at the same time, so take it all in. Make every moment count with them before you all head onto your different paths that life has in store. It’s not a goodbye, it’s just a see you later!


What else do you love about grad party season? Let us know down below!
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