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Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Okay, so we’ve really only been writing for the ones with a relatively bright and cheery clothing. And honestly, that’s just not fair. People wear other things that aren’t, let’s say, ASOS or PrettyLittleThing. What about the punks? Rockstars and Goths? 

Here’s another question: how goth are you? No, really, how goth? Are you goth enough to handle all of these goth fashion sites? We’re not sure you’re ready, but here it goes. 

Here’s a few really batty and goth fashion sites that’ll knock your socks off. 


Killstar is among a ton of goth fashion sites that sells really punk and rock inspired fashion. There’s belts, there’s pentacles, there’s fishnets; anything that your little goth self could want! 

They’re pretty pricey in some aspects; their creepers (type of shoe), for example, range from $72 to $96 dollars. Their clothing usually only comes in one goth-defining color: Black. Sometimes they’ll mix it up by using white, or red, or neon green. But for the most part, if you want black, you’re getting black. 

Now for the real question: can you achieve neighborhood witch status by purchasing from this goth fashion site? Of course you can! 

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Gothic Lamb 

Gothic lamb is actually a black-owned goth fashion site that provides ethically sourced goth fashion. Their main product – the one that gets advertised a lot, everywhere – is their Anti Social Club shirt. This shirt is one with the most diversity on their site. There’s a ton of different versions of this shirt, from Anti Social Latinx Club, Anti Social Black Boy Club, Anti Social Goth Club, and the list goes on and on. 

All their stock is comprised of t-shirts with different sayings and phrases on them. It’s pretty laid back, and isn’t all about belts or harnesses or anything like that. If you want to be a comfortable goth, then buy from this goth fashion site.

The founder also supports Black Lives Matter!

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch


Disturbia for the grunge type of goths, the ones that aren’t too much into wearing all black, but changing it up with *gasp* bright colors! 

Seriously though, this goth fashion site is really great if corsets and twenty zippers aren’t your thing. Sure, they offer harnesses, but you can tell that their main style is that streetwear, grungy type of look. There’s also some punk styles thrown into the mix. 

If tee dresses, plaid trousers, and spiky harnesses are your kind of style, we suggest Disturbia. You might find your kind of look here!

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

The dark store

The dark store is a goth fashion site that wholesales its inventory. So they’ve got a slew of different goth fashion sites and brands like Alchemy Gothic, Restyle, Bat Attack, and even some that are on this list, like PunkRave. 

This means that there’s a whole range of styles you can choose from, so we’re not going to dwell on that for very long. What we can dwell on is the fact that have a ton of different products and items to choose from, like corsets, harnesses, headwear like brim hats and beanies, gloves, and everything else you can find. They even have something for the up and coming kiddies who want to be goth too!

Guess what? They even have different styles to choose from! You can buy steampunk inspired clothing or post-apocalyptic clothing. We’ll stop rambling for now, but if you want to check it out, follow the link in the title!


Aderlass is a Germany-based brand. Their website is mainly in German, but it’s among a ton of other goth fashion sites and brands that sells through a site called, so be wary of that. 

Their clothing style can be described as a bit militaristic, and very classy. They sell vests, red and black lace masks (don’t worry! There’s red fabric behind the lace), denim jackets, and overall, they have a pretty conservative style. 

Aderlass was made for the witches who go for a style that isn’t too flashy, nor too loud. It’s right in that sweet spot in the middle. 

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Cosmic Drifters

Cosmic Drifters is one of those goth fashion sites where you just want to cop all of their clothing. Their main thing is patterns; more specifically, patterns that mainly have white and black as their staple piece. 

All of their clothing consists of these types of mystical, wonderfully designed patterns. They’ve got maxi dresses, babydoll dresses, skater dresses, and overall, just a ton of dress designs that you might like!

This brand will definitely give you that Goth witch vibe. Go ahead, go splurge on something nice! They open back up for orders on September the 6th, so if you’re reading this after that, go cop some clothes

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Mary Wyatt London 

Ooh, now Mary Wyatt London is where its at! If you liked Disturbia for its semi-streetwear kind of vibe, then you’ll definitely love Mary Wyatt London for everything it offers. 

Mary Wyatt London is one of the coolest goth fashion sites that offers streetwear type clothing for the average goth kid. This brand offers a lot in terms of graphics; it’s all really aesthetically pleasing and we’re living for it.

Black is the only color they offer, and really, what more do you want? Black is a versatile color!  

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

See Also

Mercredi Clothing

Mercredi Clothing’s tagline is “Made with Hate.” And honestly? We see it too. This despicably cool goth fashion site offers a lot of punk and rock inspired clothing that we’re dying to wear too. Might even get some stuff after this!

Their style is definitely way more laid back, and there isn’t a lot of the extra-ness that being goth comes with sometimes. They have a ton of sweaters, tees, and jackets, all with cool slogans like ‘Allergic to People’, ‘Beach Witch,’ ‘Hell Inside, Stay Away,’ and many other phrases that’ll definitely make people stay away from you.

Or at least make them think you’re some sort of hellish demon that’s come to take their souls, one by one. 

Whatever floats your boat! 

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch


PunkRave provides exactly what the name gives you: punk clothing that rivals all other goth fashion sites. Their clothing gives you all the colors of the rainbow: black and red! 

PunkRave also sells a ton of goth essentials like Lolita capes, something called electronic panties, fur coats, and anything that your goth self needs to become the witch that you were destined to be. 

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Long Clothing

Long Clothing is another one of these goth fashion sites that provides stylish and streetwear style clothing.

They’ve got tees, sweaters, and hoodies with neon graphics on them. This kind of style is actually super popular right now in the mainstream! They’ve also got a ton of other products like crop tees, dresses, swimwear, vests, and they’re even selling masks right now!

They’re not your normal Victorian or Gothic fashion brand. You could totally go out to the store this anything from Long Clothing on. It’s perfect!

Top 10 Goth Fashion Sites That’ll Make You The Neighborhood Witch

Frankly, if you buy several products from any of these brands, you could totally achieve peak witch status. No one would be able to mess with you! You’ll also look really rad wearing clothing from any of these goth fashion sites. Hopefully you get to be the witch that you’ve dreamed of being. Happy shopping!

Which brands caught your eye? Comment down below and let us know!

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