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Got A First Date? Here’s What To Eat At The University Of Virginia

Got A First Date? Here’s What To Eat At The University Of Virginia

Nervous about what to eat at the University of Virginia on your first date? Society19 knows the perfect places to set off that spark at UVA!

It’s finally happened…that guy who sits next to you in Calculus who you’ve low key been flirting with all semester has finally texted that you guys should “hang out some time” or you’ve gotten up the nerve to ask out that girl whose number you got on Friday at Trinity. You’ve got a first date. Here’s what to eat at the University of Virginia that will totally impress that special someone.

Now you’re nervously thinking about what you’re going to say to the other person, what you should wear and most importantly what you’ll eat.

Getting a meal together is one of the most common date ideas. Eating on a first date, however, can be complicated and nerve-wracking. To help make the decision of breakfast versus lunch or coffee versus sandwiches on a first date a little bit easier, here are some tips for the best Charlottesville spots for first dates.

This is what to eat at the University of Virginia!

The first question the two of you should ask each other for eating on a first date is what type of meal do you want to eat together – breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Whether you’ve only known each other for a few days or been friends for a while and have finally decided to give dating a try, dinner on a first date seems pretty serious, which might be a bit much for the person you’re trying to win over.

Both breakfast and lunch suggest that you are looking to have fun and get to know the other person more – they convey a casual, laid-back vibe. If you’re the type of person who wakes up every morning with a scowl on your face, desperate for a whole pot of coffee before you can even hold a three-minute conversation with your roommates, the breakfast first date is probably not for you. However, for those people who wake up with the birds chirping and a smile on their face, a breakfast date can be the perfect option.

This is what to eat at the University of Virginia!

An obvious location for a first date is the corner, close to apartments and part of the heart of the University, it’s the best choice to avoid that awkward ride in the car.

While Starbuck’s is perfect for the grab and go coffee, my vote on what to eat at the University of Virginia to impress your date with somewhere local. Both coffee shops on the corner, Grit and Corner Joe, open early and serve pastries as well as a damn good cup of coffee. Here the two of you can find a quiet seat to eat your muffins while sipping on coffee and just enjoy your conversation. I would steer away from hot breakfast spots on the corner like Bodo’s or Pigeon Hole. While people say that Bodo’s is better than a New York City bagel, you might run into everyone from your best friend to your worst enemy to your awkward TA and never get a chance to talk to your date. Meanwhile, at Pigeon Hole you might have to wait for a table and the food could take an enormously long time when the two of you both have class in the next twenty minutes.

This is what to eat at the University of Virginia!

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Lunch, commonly known as “the meal before dating,” is typically the best choice for a meal with a potential significant other.

Wondering what to eat at the University of Virginia between classes? I would suggest the reliable classics: Take It Away or Roots. If the weather is good, you can take either the salad or sandwich to go and have a picnic on the lawn. Both places have a varied menu so each person can get something they like and neither is particularly messy so you won’t be worried about spilling soup all over your clothes or having ketchup on your face. My one caution about Roots though is that if you’re worried about smiling at your date with lettuce in your teeth, choose Take It Away.

This is what to eat at the University of Virginia!

Whether you go grab coffee before your morning classes or take a sandwich to picnic on the lawn together, dining on a first date can be a fun and exciting experience. There’s no better way to bond than over a Roots bowl or a steaming cup of coffee. Here’s to hoping for that second date!

Do you know what to eat at the University of Virginia? Let us know in the comment section below!

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