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10 Gorgeous Winter Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Lets face it – seasons change, and with these changes brings a whole new everyday style that extends from your closet to your makeup bag. Winter makeup allows brands to produce creative new lines with darker shade ranges so the everyday beauty guru can create bolder lips, smoked eyes, natural looks, and more! But if you’re struggling to find ideas, no worries, because we have put together 10 gorgeous makeup looks that you’ll be dying to try!

1) The Bold Lip

Nothing makes more of a statement nor screams winter makeup more then a bold lip! Create this look by keeping the rest of your glam very natural, allowing those lips to shine!

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2) Edgy & Dark

Winter is a cold and dark time of year, which is why an edgy and dark makeup look is perfect for the season! Maintain that bold lip and match it with a deep smokey eye!

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3) The Smoked Eye

It’s all about the eyes with this winter makeup look. Highlight the inner corner and create a mauve smokey eye that will draw everyone into your sexy winter glam.

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4) Naturally Smokey

Go for a more natural look while still keeping a dramatic eye with this natural smokey eye glam. This look simply consists of lighter eye shadows that are brought down to the under eye to create a more dramatic effect.

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5) Dewy

Dewy skin does not just have to exist solely in the summer, make this a winter look and go all natural! Everyone loves a good glow, no matter what time of year!

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6) A Touch Of Smokey

Keeping on the natural theme, if you want a makeup-less look that still draws attention to your eyes try just a bit of a smokey eye. Use lot’s of browns and shimmers to create a flawless looking smoked out finish!

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7) Just The Eyes

A warm eye is perfect for the winter, because lets be real, everyone wishes they were warmer. A dull eye color like this is very high fashion, and looks good with any style you’re wearing!

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8) Wing’d To Perfection

It’s all about the wing with this glam. Keep your eyes looking sharp with a dramatic wing and light eyeshadow. This will keep you from looking overdone, and everyone will give you props on your flawless eye style!

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9) Glossy Lips

Lip gloss is making a comeback that is landing just in time for the winter season. Therefore, we had to include a glossy winter makeup look on our list! Try pairing a nude gloss with a smokey eye for that dark “wet” glam!

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10) Light And Airy

Keep it simple with this light and very fun makeup look. Glossy shimmery eyes are what has been popping up all over the runway for the winter season, and they look great with a rose colored lip stain !

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What are some of your favorite winter makeup looks? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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