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10 Gorgeous Winter Boots That Are Stylish AF

Winter boots are some of the cutest shoes you can wear. Since a lot of them are chunky or big you can really show them off during the holiday season. They are great to wear with your favorite winter outfits because they are practical for the weather, keep your feet warm and are totally fashionable. There are so many different kinds of winter boots you’ll be ready for this winter when you need a boot for every look and occasion.

Knee-High Winter Boots

These are a classic staple for the wintertime. A knee-high boot is super cute and chic and a basic black one goes with any and every outfit. You can get a skin-tight version that will hug your legs with some stockings. You could also go for a looser knee-high boot that can go over jeans or thicker pants. My favorite way to wear knee-high boots is with a shorter sweater dress, this way your legs are warm with the high boots and you get to look super cute in your short sweater dress.

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Ankle Winter Boots

These boots are like my everyday nice boots when I am going out with friends but nowhere fancy. They are comfortable and should hug your ankles perfectly. I always like to have a pair of plain brown ankle boots to go with my warmer toned looks. You can even get some heeled ankle boots for a little bit more flair. They pair well with jeans but are easy to match with any of your winter outfits.

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Heavy-Duty Winter Boots

These boots are going to be like your Timberlanes. They are durable, thick, and can withstand the harsh cold weather. They are perfect for trekking through some heavy snow but also are cute for casual wear. Timbs is a New York staple especially with the snowy weather Timbs are perfect for maneuvering around the city and the snow. These lace-up winter boots come in a lot of different styles and will not only last you this winter but every winter after, they are just that durable.

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Chunky Heeled Winter Boots

These boots are for your fun night out. The chunky heel provides extra support that regular heels normally wouldn’t while also looking very fashionable for a night out with friends. A misconception with heels like this is that they can be uncomfortable but they are actually comfortable because the heel is wider making it easier to walk in. You can stay out all night with these winter boots because they are cozy and danceable. 

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Skinny Heel Winter Boots

The skinny heel winter boot is for that elegant holiday party you have to attend. Perfect to go with your pretty holiday dress. You’re going to stand out in this skinny heel. If you get this boot in a basic black it will go with all your outfits. It’s great for a fancy night out where you want to feel glamorous but also comfortable and warm.

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Printed Winter Boots

Adorable and very fashionable, a printed winter boot is what is going to make you pop against the black and brown boots around you. You can get boots like these in so many different prints and styles it won’t be hard to find the boot for you. You can match your outfit according to the boots you get. You can also keep your outfit totally single-colored or basic and have the printed boots be your accent piece. It’s going to be the first thing people notice when they see you. 

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Rain Boots

These are great for when the snow turns to slush. The rubber boots are going to protect your feet from the wet and cold. They are the best boots to wear when it’s raining because water will just roll right off of it. Rain boots come in a lot of different colors so they are really fun to wear. The best thing about rain boots is splashing around in the slushy snow or puddles. They are great for foot traction too so you are less likely to slip on the wet pavement or snow slush.

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See Also

Clear Boots

These are some very out there and fashionable styles of boots. Clear boots are a big statement piece but they are cute nonetheless. You can get these in a more fashionable style like in a heeled boot or a comfortable one like a combat boot. Make sure you wear socks with these boots though because the feet coming from your feet might fog them up and make them look a little strange. Wear these boots as casual wear or the heeled version for a fancier holiday party.

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Combat Winter Boots

These boots are practical and easy to wear in the wintertime. These are going to boot like Doc Martins. They are an iconic style of boot because everyone wants to have them and they are comfortable to wear. Although a little pricey you really do pay for great quality shoes. You can get the matte version for a more basic look of combat boots. There is also a shinier version of these winter boots that are a little more different. Combat boots come in a lot of different colors and prints too so you’ll be able to find the right boots for you to feel confident in them.

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Slip-On Boots

Similar to the style of the Balenciaga sock sneakers slip-on boots are like them. They are one boot that just slides onto your foot with a stretch neck. It’s meant to hug your ankles and foot perfectly. They come in really pretty styles, I personally have a sparkly silver one that I love to wear for parties.

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Which of these winter boots are you going to try to get? Do you already have any of these winter boots? Are there any winter boots you love that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your family and friends so they can find the perfect winter boots for the winter season.

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