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Gorgeous Short Haircuts That Would Look Stunning On You

Gorgeous Short Haircuts That Would Look Stunning On You

Find gorgeous short haircuts that compliment your overall style and features. And below is where I will be giving you some great shortcuts to choose from!

Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts had to be first on this list of gorgeous short haircuts, and this is why. A lot of people in the world do not believe that they can “pull off” a bomb pixie cut! This is so not true! Pixie cuts have shown to look so beautiful on everyone for many reasons! There are many different varieties of the pixie cut, so there is a pixie cut that can fit any and everyone. The main thing pixie cuts are so good at is how they can bring out and compliment your face and features. With a short cut such as a pixie cut stunningly frames your face that most would not even be aware of. Pixie cuts also bring a chicness to your overall style and who would not be up for that.

I am telling you the great things about pixie cuts in this section because I know going shorter with your hair can be overwhelming. Therefore, consider all the good about each shortcut you are looking into and see what makes your heart happy. Go for it!


Layered Cuts

The next type of cut I want to mention in this article are Layered Cuts! Layered cuts are loved by many people, whether they have long or short hair. Cutting layers in your hair adds volume, definition, texture, and flair to any hairstyle you may have. Showing how great layers can be.

Now! Be careful when getting layers. This should be done by a professional or should be done very carefully and intentionally with instructions. If layers are not done correctly, then your hair can begin to look rigid and undesirable. Therefore, please create layers throughout your hair accurately.

Add some layers in your hair and see what you think. I am sure you will be pleased with how much flair it will bring to your hair overall.


Blunt Cuts

Blunt cuts are trendy nowadays! Blunt cuts can be edgy, girly, vintage, boho, or anything else you desire them to be! This look fits and compliments your style. And that is why this shortcut is loved by many!

You can blunt cut your hair in many different ways and still achieve the effortless look blunt cuts hold. This hair cut is not hard to accomplish from home, and that is certainly why you can see many YouTubers cutting their own hair in this short haircut. The blunt cut is stunning on all face shapes and is so effortless at its best. Whether messy or neat, you will see how great this hair cut is for everyone willing to rock it!

Angled Cuts

Angeled cuts are the next short haircut on this list. And this is one of my favorite cuts of all time! Angeled cuts do a stunning job at bringing sleekness and a class to any person who chooses to have this cut. Meaning you should consider this gorgeous short haircut! Again, there are many different versions of this cut, and all are just as beautiful as the one below.


Short haircuts can be risky, so if you are too fearful of going too too short, then an angled bob haircut is an excellent option for you to consider. The angeled shortcut is unique and can still fit into many people’s comfort zones. Making this cut even better and explains why it is so prevalent in today’s time as well!

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Bowl Cuts

Bowl cuts are another gorgeous short haircuts that you may want to consider! Bowl cuts are usually worn by those who give off a very edgy vibe. However, this look can look stunning on many people! It is a bold, beautiful, edgy, unique, and effortless haircut that many would not even consider, but should.  Bowl cuts show your wild side and show that you believe beauty is not found in long hair but in who we each are.


Cutting your hair this short and in this style can seem scary and unrealistic. However, you make your hair, not the other way around. Many people forget to have fun with their look and try new things. When you do step out of the box with your look, you experience a type of freedom that many do not encounter of feel. Remember that life is too short to stay stuck in a box in any area of your life. Find new and refreshing things. And do what feels right for you and your happiness! You will look stunning in anything you choose!

Bangs With Shortcut

Bonus: Bangs with a short cut is a bonus simply because it is its own hairstyle in itself.

Most, if not all, short haircuts can include bangs. Bangs are an addition and a stunning one at that! Bangs are such a beautiful way to add more flair and funk to any haircut or style. Bangs itself can come in many different lengths and styles. You can create a sleeker bang, a more edgy bang, a long textured bang, or much more.


Bangs have stayed in trend for many many years, and it is because of its style and the way they can level up your look tremendously. I wanted to mention bangs in this article simply because if you are looking to cut your hair, but are not sure if you like short haircuts entirely. Then consider cutting bangs with the shortcut as well. This may give you a look you want and need! To be honest, this is all up to you! You just have to find the cut and hairstyle that fits your vision and look!

Choosing the right haircut that is fit for you is so important! I hope this article of gorgeous short hairstyles helped you find your perfect fit! Comment below which haircut you believe would look great on you!

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