50 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

Gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair and short hair! These braids, waves, curls or braids will all look amazing in your hair for prom day!

Every girl wants to shine at her prom and be the star of the show, the best way to achieve this is by creating the full look. A full look includes a beautiful dress, snazzy shoes, makeup on-point, and a done up hairstyle. If you need some inspiration for prom ready hair, I have compiled 50 gorgeous styles you can try! Make sure to either practice the hairstyle, if you are doing your own hair, or bring in a photo if you are going to a salon. Get prom ready with one of these gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair!

1. Loosely braided crown

This is one of the most popular prom hairstyles for long hair because it looks great on anyone. It will especially showcase your gorgeous locks if you have highlighted hair.

2. Waterfall braid with curls

3. Three buns

This look is elegant, timeless and perfect for pairing with a dramatic or bare-shoulder dress.


4. Tight braided crown

5. Half up-half down waterfall braid

6. Hair bow

The hair bow is one of the best long prom hairstyles when you have a lot of hair because you need a good amount to construct the bow! Once finished, it looks amazing.

7. Flower crown

8. Half up high ponytail

9. Double braided crown

10. Braided up-do

11. High ponytail

12. Half up-half down with jewels

The additions of jewels makes this one of the most beautiful prom hairstyles for long hair! It gives that extra pizzazz that will have everyone complimenting your ‘do!

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13. Vintage waves

Vintage waves make gorgeous prom hairdos for long hair because they’re a classic look that never go out of style! Pair this hair with a sexy red or black dress.

14. Twisted up-do

15. Up-do with pinned curls

16. Teased high ponytail

17. Hair flower

18. Center part with small braids

19. Fishtail braid

Fishtails are such cool prom hairstyles for long hair! You definitely need a lot of hair to get this finished look. Consider adding extensions if your hair is short!

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20. Curly and braided ponytail

21. Pouf with waves

22. Large braid with ponytail

23. Curly up-do

24. Half up pull through braid

25. Loosely pinned up hair

26. Braided flower crown

27. Sock bun with braid

28. Big curls

29. Low bun

30. Simple chignon

31. Messy braid and ponytail with jewels

Braids with jewels are such cute prom hairstyles for long hair. The messy lived-in look goes perfectly with the touch of sparkle.

32. Fishtail crown

33. Bun with natural curls

34. Waves

35. Braided bun with flowers


36. Pull through braid

37. High bun with wispy peices

This prom hairstyle is absolutely stunning and would look good on anyone!


38. Braided hair flowers

39. Fishtail crown

40. Straight hair with a twist

41. Structured waves

42. Twisted half up with loose braids and waves

43. Fishtail half up-half down with pull through braids

44. Big curls

45. Side swept fishtail braid

46. Pull through/fishtail braid

47. Straight hair

48. Loose french braid

49. Pinned half up-half down with loose curls

50. Pined back low ponytail

Finding the right prom hair for long hair can be tough. Do you have any suggestions for prom hairstyles for long hair that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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Featured image source: pinterest.com