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10 Gorgeous Necklaces To Flaunt This Season

One thing that I love about winter is how many more of my necklaces I can wear that are considered to be too fancy for the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing necklaces in the summertime, they just have to be the right ones that are made for more casual wear. And I’m certainly not one to wear dresses in the summer, I basically live in jean shorts or yoga shorts. But that’s beside the point, in the winter I love wearing long beautiful sweaters with leggings or some other nicer top. That’s the beauty about leggings, they can easily be dressed up. I love to pair these daily outfits with some nice jewelry, including one of my various gorgeous necklaces; some days I have difficulty choosing which one to wear. These 10 gorgeous necklaces can be paired with any wintery outfit, even the ones reserved for those fancy Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

1. Christmas Charms

I’m honestly in love with this charmingly gorgeous necklace from Amazon. This silver necklace features a snowman, pearl, Christmas bell, present, bow and two snowflakes that are all attached to a beautiful crystal encrusted circle. I love how all of these various little charms complement each other gorgeously, and still bring on that spirit of Christmas in a lovely fashion. This gorgeous necklace can be worn with virtually any sweater as it has a long chain, and can also be worn with your favorite wintertime dress. This necklace is both lovable and stylish!

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2. Golden Snowflake

If there’s one thing that I absolutely adore about this time of the year, it’s most certainly the snow! I love watching it gently fall from the comfort of my leather couch; it’s truly such a serene scene for me and I’m sure many others. This gorgeous gold-tone snowflake necklace from Macy’s is intricate in design, and features sparkling crystals through the pendant. I own a couple of snowflake necklaces myself, and am a fan of the more thoughtful and complicated designs; it just makes the snowflake look that much more realistic. This is a gorgeous necklace simply made for winter.

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3. Mesmerizing Opal

In all honesty, I think the opal gem is the prettiest of all the gemstones because of how beautifully colorful it is; it’s like a small iridescent rainbow caught inside a clear shell. This sterling silver necklace from Kohl’s is definitely a necklace that will be kept for years to come. I love the design of this necklace, and how it looks like the opal is suspended in the middle of various elaborately designed knots. Some of the knots also feature diamonds, which make this gorgeous necklace stand out even more. If you plan for an evening out on the town, then this necklace is a most superb choice.

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4. Crystal Blue Topaz

Topaz is another very attractive-looking gemstone, not as much as in the opal in my opinion, but attractive none the less. This is one gorgeous necklace from Zales for all those December-born gals out there! Featured on this necklace is a sky-blue topaz, with a white sapphire gem attached above it. I love the simplicity of this particular necklace because of its clean-cut look, and from afar, the white sapphire looks like a small snowflake. The colors of this topaz necklace are perfect for the winter season, and will pair well with virtually any outfit; might I suggest a scoop neck sweater?

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5. Shining Star

One thing that I’ve always associated with Christmastime is the North Star, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who associates this wonderful time of the year with that particular star. This gorgeous necklace from Nordstrom reminds me a great deal of the North Star in a stunning gold and silver design. I’m in love with the beauty of this pendant, and how the cubic zirconia on the star looks to be like stardust. This necklace would go wonderfully with any outfit that’s black or a royal blue. Truly, a necklace that shines almost as bright as the North Star itself.

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6. Rose Gold Love

If there’s any colored jewelry that I truly love, it’s definitely rose gold. Normally, I shy away from anything gold, but I’ve discovered over the past couple of years that rose gold jewelry actually works well for cool undertone skin. But don’t worry my warm undertone friends, rose gold works well with those tones too! It’s so versatile, which is why I own quite a bit of jewelry in this color. This gorgeous necklace from Amazon features a pink crystal wrapped in rose gold angel wings encrusted with tiny white crystals. I would definitely recommend wearing this necklace with a neutral top, like black or white, to make the pendant stand out.

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7. White Pearl

If you’re looking for a classy necklace, then you should always start with pearls. Pearls are the essence of what it means to be glamourous and elegant. I always reserve my pearls for my best winter outfits where I’m looking to impress people. This gorgeous necklace from Macy’s features stunning white pearls on a gold lariat chain, with a tiny crystal connecting the drop part of the necklace together. If you own a dress or sweater that has a plunging neckline, then this classical necklace would go splendidly with it. Pearls are never truly out of fashion!

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8. Dazzling Love Knot

Love knots are a long-standing tradition of showing one’s love to another as it represents an unbreakable bond, as well as an eternal connection. Now, I’m not saying that you have to be in a serious relationship to own this gorgeous necklace from Kohl’s; that is just the traditional meaning behind a love knot. No, you can be happily single, and still own this dazzling necklace that features a sizable cubic zirconia in the center of a love knot colored in rose gold. I do love how well rose gold goes with silver; they’re quite complementary. This necklace is perfect for those chilly days where you’re wanting to put a tad more effort into your outfit to feel fierce and flawless.

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9. Silver Angel

If there’s one thing that you see a lot of during the Christmas season, it’s angels. I truly adore the beauty and grace that comes with angels, and how they are the representations of peace and love. This gorgeous necklace from Zales features a sterling silver angel in the form of hearts, with wings that are lined with shimmering diamonds. I love the creativity behind this design, especially the two hearts; it honestly makes the pendant simply stunning to look at. This angelic necklace is ideal for every day wear, but can also be elegantly paired with your swankiest outfit.

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10. Shimmering Pendant

When I first saw this necklace, I found it extremely difficult to pull my eyes away from it as it’s just so very captivating to look at. Plus, in general, I’m a big fan of multiple layered necklaces, which is why this gorgeous necklace from Nordstrom caught my eye. This platinum double layered necklace features a rhodium colored pendant that closely resembles a bunch of tiny shimmering stars in the night sky. I would definitely recommend wearing this necklace with a sweetheart neckline dress or top for a very elegant and complimentary look.

Shop this necklace here:

Which of these gorgeous necklaces do you plan on flaunting this season? Which outfits of yours would these go perfectly with? Let us know in the comments below!

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