20 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair

Gorgeous hairstyles for long hair! Hair tutorials and hairstyle ideas for girls with long hair. Pretty udpos, braids and haircuts for long hair.

Lately, a lot of my friends have been saying that they want to cut their hair short for a change. And while there are many amazing shorter hair cuts out there, there is something so beautiful about long flowing hair and so many things you can do with it! Apart from the short boyish haircut phase I went through in elementary school I have always been a Rapunzel. It just gives you so much more space to be creative and try out new trends! Without further a due, here are 20 gorgeous hairstyles for long hair!

The Classics

Straight or curly, these hairstyles for long hair are all-time-classics that everyone loves and everyone can rock! You can easily re-create them using a straightener or curling iron!

1) The beach waves.

Let’s start the list with my all-time favorite! These beach waves require little effort. For some, all you need is some texture spray and for others, loosely wrap sections around a large barrel curling wand and comb through!


2) The big curls.

These big curls are great for a date night or just a girls’ night out! Tightly wrap sections of your hair around a large barrel curling wand, spray all over with hairspray and then comb through so the curls blend together!

3) Sleek straight.

Has straight hair ever been out of style? Definitely not. And now the sleek straight hairstyle is being rocked by everyone! If you don’t already have super straight hair, just grab a straightening iron, part your hair in small sections and you’re good to go! Choose a part in your hair and start there. To finish off the look, use a hair oil to give it that glossy shine look!

4) Layering, layering, layering.

If you love the layered look, next time you’re at the salon, just ask your hair dresser for more layers! They’re great for giving weighed down hair, a lifted, more voluminous look and can actually make your hair look healthier.


The Braids

Braids really do wonders. It is all-style-friendly, be it bohemian, 90s, or prom, you name it girl! With all of the amazing braided hairstyles for long hair out there, it’s hard to narrow it down!

5) Pull-through braids.

Have you heard of the new-braid-in-town? If you cannot seem to master the art of Dutch or French braid, give pull-through braids a try!

6) Boxer braids.

Speaking of Dutch braids…. the boxer braids have been around for a while and it’s def worth the hype! This look always makes for amazing “from behind” Instagram pics simply because it looks so cool!


7) Floral braid.

Glam your regular side braid up with flowers this spring! All you need are some cute flowers from the craft store (or real ones!) and just stick them throughout the braid. If they don’t have a long enough stem, secure them with a bobby pin.

8) The Fishtail.

Fishtailing can be so easy once you get the hang of it! Instead of three pieces, you just add one more. This look is great for getting super long hair out of the way!


9) Braided ponytail.

Braid your bangs before you throw your hair into a ponytail for a fancy hairstyle. And then pull the pieces loose without completely pulling them apart for a thick voluminous braid.

10) The Crown.

I don’t think this glamorous hairstyle is going anywhere! Get ready for a first date with a crown braid and curls! Once you dutch braid the top half of your head on both sides, pull together and secure with a tie. Finish the look by using a curling wand and brushing out the curls once you’ve finished!


11) Mohawk Braid Ponytail.

This ponytail is perfect if you are going to the gym, or you just don’t have time to shower after gym! Section off your hair at the top of your hair and begin french braiding it. Once you’ve gotten halfway, knot it and pull up the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

The Half-Ups

When I was young, I would ask my mom if I could go to school with the “princess hairstyle”. It was my code for the half-up, half-down style, because they’re all so romantic looking!


12) The flower queen.

This look is too pretty to be true! And it’s actually easier than it looks, but everyone will be thinking you spent hours to perfect this look.

13) The Celtic Knot.

This looks complicated but I promise it’s worth the effort! It’s a great look for that messy-hair-day kind of hair that just needs an extra umphf.


14) The look-cute-when-running-late look.

Being in college means that I am almost always running late. So this hairstyle is a life-saver —- it literally took a minute to glam myself up! Just pull two sections of your hair back from each side and tightly wrap them around one another and pull down almost like your knotting your hair. Secure in place with some hairspray and you’re good to go!

See Also

15) Another ‘1-minute’ half-up look.

Simply section two parts of your hair, twist them, and tie them together at the back. If you have that little extra bit of time, cover the hair tie with your hair and a few bobby pins.


16) The Girly ribbon half-up.

It’s easier than it looks I promise! Just be prepared for a few bobby pins and a lot of hairspray!

The Buns

17) The half-up boho bun.

Okay so I know this is the Bun section, but who says we can’t have the best of both worlds? Section your hair like you normally do with a regular half-up, then twist that into a bun! Don’t worry if it is a little bit on the messier side, it’s just a synonym for “effortless”!


18) Just an Easy Bun.

Simply divide your hair into two low braids, wrap them around each other in a circular fashion (securing with bobby pins as you go) and create a low bun for any special occasions!

19) The reversed-braid buns.

Get ready for Coachella (oops too early?) with these cute buns! If reversed braids are a bit too hard, just throw your hair into two buns and it will still create such cute hairstyles for long hair!


20) A low bun up-do.

This hairstyle is perfect for a fancy date with your S/O. It’s basically two Dutch braids and a bun. Start by creating two dutch braids and stopping once you reach the bottom of your hair line. Pull the rest into a low bun and pull pieces looser for that messy look. Loosen the dutch braids as well with your fingers until you reach your desired amount of messiness.

Do you know of any other gorgeous hairstyles for long hair? Share in the comments below!

*All opinions are my own.

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