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10 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Try This Winter

10 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Try This Winter

One of the things I love most about having hair is that there is so much that you can do with it, and that also includes changing the color. I’ve been messing with my hair color since I was 14 years old, and it was pretty basic for a long time. I’d either put light blonde highlights in (I’m a natural strawberry blonde) or I would dye it black underneath for a cool contrast look. However, once I got into my mid 20’s, I started to experiment with colors like deep purple and reds. The reds are my favorite so far, and back in August, my hairstylist, who has been styling my hair since I was 14, found this beautiful strawberry blonde color with peach tones that was almost identical to the color that I had before I started dyeing my hair. Naturally, I was in love with it, and have decided to stick to the reds more as they make my blue eyes pop. Plus, it’s a great color for winter! Speaking of which, there are so many gorgeous hair colors that you can superbly wear this winter, and look completely flawless, not to mention stylish, while doing so. 

1. Burgundy 

I’m definitely in love with this color of red! There’s just something about wine-colored hair that’s so breathtaking, and yet, somehow, mysterious as well. I feel like this color would look absolutely lovely on someone who has naturally darker hair to begin with, like a dark brunette, because once your natural hair starts to grow back in again, it’ll create a dimensionally gorgeous hair color. This is a flawless color that will work well for not just the winter, but fall as well. 


2. Silver Highlights on Dark Brunette 

I find it interesting how silver has become one of the popular gorgeous hair colors among younger people. Usually, silver hair means you’re losing your natural pigment, and people pay money out the wazoo to have that fixed. It’s just a bit strange to me, but it works so well on certain hair colors! I love this dark brunette with light silver highlights running through her hair in a balayage style. It creates a perfect dimension that doesn’t clash at all in my opinion. Plus, I love the iciness of this gorgeous hair color which would be ideal for winter!

3. Rose Gold Blonde 

I know this may seem like more of a summery color out of all these gorgeous hair colors, but hear me out, this color would also look just as stunning in the winter due to the softness of the rose gold tones. I love this hair color a lot, and it works super well if you have naturally blonde hair. The rose gold adds just the slightest tint of strawberry blonde and mixes that with light blonde tones. It creates such a gorgeous hair color. If I didn’t just get my hair done, I definitely would’ve gone with this hair color! 


4. Mushroom Brown 

Now, it may sound like an ugly hair color, but it’s really not. I truly love the subtleness of this color because it just looks so natural. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if people curiously asked if this is your natural hair color. This beautiful look works best if you have a medium to dark brunette color, and throughout the hair light brown highlights, like the color of mushrooms, are added in. Hence, the name of this gorgeous hair color. If you’re someone who has always wanted to dabble in color, but didn’t know where to start, this hair color is an amazing beginner look! 


5. Platinum Blonde 

I feel like this hair color is always in fashion! Platinum blonde is such a beautiful color, and there are so many different hues to choose from. This gorgeous hair color is a classic platinum blonde and works great with any natural hair color. Just keep in mind, you’ll have to touch up on those roots more often if you want to keep the flawless look of the platinum color. I do love how this color just screams winter to me as it looks similar to freshly fallen snow.  

6. Chocolate Mauve 

When I first saw this hair color, I felt completely mesmerized for a moment. The subtlety of the mauve coloring just blends so perfectly into the chocolate brunette color of the hair! It almost looks natural, except for the light purplish tones that are peeking through in some places. Sometimes, I wish I had naturally chocolate brunette hair so that I could pull off gorgeous hair colors like this one. This is yet another color that would work well for someone who is new to dyeing their hair. 


7. Smoky Gold 

I love the warmness that comes with this gorgeous hair color, and how it could definitely be pulled off beautifully in the winter. If you have naturally darker brunette hair, then you are in luck! This hair color adds warm butterscotch blonde tones in a balayage style throughout your brunette locks. It’s the perfect blend of brunette and blonde! I can honestly say that this is one winter hair color that you should definitely give a chance to! 

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8. Light Strawberry Blonde 

Just like with platinum blonde, strawberry blonde comes in many different hues, and this lighter hue is simply stunning! I feel like this color would be much easier to pull off if you already have lighter blonde hair naturally; it’s also less maintenance that way. I do love the different tones of red throughout this gorgeous hair color, where some are just a tad darker, while others are lighter. There also seems to be a very slight purplish tint in certain areas on the hair, which gives it a lovely dimensional-look. This is truly a beautiful look that works not just for winter, but all year round. 


9. Winter Berry 

I just love how this hair color implements deep blues and violets onto naturally dark brunette hair in a balayage style. Again, this style is subtle enough with the color without going totally overboard. I’d honestly label this gorgeous hair color as a professional bold. Everything about this hair color just blends so perfectly together without looking weirdly choppy. Plus, with the blues and the purples, it works really well for a winter hairstyle. 

10. Icy Blonde 

Even though icy blonde hair is very similar to platinum blonde, there is one major difference between the two. Platinum blonde has just bright white color to it, where icy blonde still has the bright white coloring, but with blue or violet tones added in. Silver tones also work very well with this gorgeous hair color. This is another color that would work with any natural hair color, but again, remember that this is another high maintenance look. I love the way the icy blonde looks, especially in the winter! 


Which hair color are you just ‘dyeing’ to rock this winter? Do you have any other hair color suggestions that would suit this season? Drop your comments below! 

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