10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You’ll Want To Copy

Here are 10 dorm room essentials that won't break your bank! Dorm room shopping can seem like many large expenses, but it doesn't have to be!

Trying to find some inspiration for next years dorm? Look no farther than these 10 gorgeous dorm rooms that you will want to copy!

Classic style

If you are into a more traditional kind of style for your dorm, use this as an example! Indulge in some luxury hotel linens from Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, or Pottery Barn and you will feel like a King or Queen of your castle!

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

Cozy vibes

Give everyone some cozy vibes using this dorm as inspiration! If fall is your favorite season and you can’t wait to cuddle up around the fireplace, buy some chunky woven accent throws for your twin xl and enjoy the calm oasis of your dorm.

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

Oh so Urban Outfitters

If your ultimate goals is Urban Outfitters’ home section, use this dorm to model an alternative chic style. Trendy colors like dark mauve and some tasteful concert posters give your dorm an edgy feel that will make all of your art school friends jealous!

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

For the world traveler

If your favorite thing to do is hop on plane and explore exotic locations, then this dorm is right for you. Purchase a tapestry adorned with a map or mandala pattern and put all of your travel accessories on display! Personal touches like souvenirs from places you have traveled make your space extra special.

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

City chic

Ever dreamed of living in the big city? Even if your dorm is in a college town in the middle of nowhere you can feel like you are living the city life with this dorm! Go for a black and white color scheme and look for wall art or pillows that remind you of your favorite city!

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

Roomie goals

Excited to live with your new roomie but have contrasting tastes in decor? No problem! Compromise and decorate like this dorm, using neutral colors to blend the two spaces into one.

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

Beach babe

Do you feel at home with sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your hair? Go for a beach inspired dorm with touches that remind you of your happy place. Cool tapestries inspired by the ocean are a perfect touch, along with wall art with phrases like “Sun Child.”

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10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

A touch from home

Worried you will be homesick at college? Bring a touch of home and decorate with real pieces of furniture from your house! Every time you walk in you will be reminded that your family isn’t too far away.

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

I love pillows!

Are you obsessed with trendy pillows with words on them? You can find all these stylish accents at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. Decorate your space with fluffy cushions that say things like “Wanderlust,” “Vibes,” and “Follow your heart.” Pillow make up some of the most gorgeous dorm rooms!

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

BYOW (Bring your own wallpaper)

One of the biggest obstacles in decorating your dorm is that you can’t paint the walls! The stark concrete walls are hard to make home-y, but they can be remedied by using stick on wallpaper like shown here. Other options include collages of photos or tapestries.

10 Gorgeous Dorm Rooms You'll Want to Copy

Did you model your dorm room after one you saw somewhere else? Show us your dream gorgeous dorm rooms in the comments!
Featured Image Source: www.pintrest.com
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