10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

Gordon Ramsey is a world-reknown British chef, restauranteur, writer, and food critic who is a famous personality to numerous homes globally. He has had unforgettable moments on his shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, or MasterChef Junior.

Being one of the famous names in the culinary world, Gordon Ramsay is a hilarious personality that will be completely honest on his opinion on food. Here are some of his most unforgettable moments on his shows:

1. Amy’s Baking Company

In the sixth season of Ramsay’s show, Kitchen Nightmares, in which he goes all over the United States to help restaurants upscale their businesses and fix their mistakes, there was a unforgettable episode that spurred the nation from Amy’s Baking Company.

This episode featured the owner, Amy, and her husband, Samy, in which they had believed their restaurant was extremely significant but was actually a complete disaster. Amy could not take criticism, and therefore she would not listen to Ramsay and would tell him to “shut up.”

Following the episode, social media went wild and had produced gifs, memes, cartoons, and news broadcasts all over the nation about Amy’s Baking Company.

The reason why this episode was so significant was because Ramsay had done something he had never done before: leave. He had always persisted in helping every restaurant no matter what the case was, and he had simply stepped his foot out the door after realizing that Amy and Samy would never listen to him and were happy being in a disaster.

This episode had so many viewers that they had made a follow-up episode to see what had happened to Amy’s Baking Company and included never-before-seen footage. Amy’s Baking Company closed down in 2015, approximately two years after it had aired on Kitchen Nightmares.

10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

2. Lamb Sauce Moment

In his show, Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay had a fit after the kitchen was going slow and he was waiting on lamb sauce. His famous moment came from the second season when he had called Garrett a “fat useless sack of f*** yankee-danky-doodle shite” after he had reached his breaking point. This was a moment in which Ramsay was truly angry and explosive in the kitchen.

3. Ramsay Dressed As An Elf

Every season of MasterChef Junior has a surprise for the kids to show that the kitchen can have some fun. In the fifth season, the kids have a Winter Wonderland where they have to make and decorate gingerbread houses. Here, Gordon Ramsay comes out of a huge gingerbread house dressed up as an elf. This is an unforgettable image of having the swearing, angry, and serious chef dressed in an elf suit.

10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

4. Ramsay’s Mistaken Flirtation to Tommy in MasterChef

In MasterChef’s sixth season, Tommy was a fashion designer who was passionate about cooking and was known for having immaculate designs. In the tenth episode of this season, Tommy made an amazing dish that Ramsay had remarked “I want to wake up with you” and it caused a rise of laughter in the kitchen. Tommy had immediately responded in a positive manner to Ramsay as he was laughing to correct himself.

5. Allergic To Vegans

Ramsay is especially known for his famous Twitter responses. In one tweet, someone asked him if he was allergic to anything to which Ramsay replied “Vegans.”

Even though this tweet caused an outburst from the vegan community, it was meant to be a joke from Ramsay as he is a culinary master and cooks with all foods.

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10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

6. Eating A Rice Boob

Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his sarcastic remarks. In his show, Kitchen Nightmares, he was eating at Bazzini, the restaurant he helped in the third episode of the third season, and he had noted that the jasmine rice he was eating looked like a “boob” and he put it on his chest to show it.

7. Pigeon In The Kitchen

In the first episode of the fourth season of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay had found a live pigeon in the kitchen while finding dead lobsters everywhere. Here, this was a moment that Ramsay was angry that it was “the freshest thing” in the kitchen and was surprised that they were this unsanitary.

8. Ramsay’s Son Asked To Do An Impression

In a behind-the-scenes footage of Ramsay’s show, MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay’s son, Jack, was asked to do an impression of his father, to which he replied if he could swear. In this moment, Ramsay had an extremely proud look on his face of his son knowing his father so well.

10 Gordon Ramsay Moments We Can Never Forget

9. Contestant Mocks Ramsay and Gets Nailed For It

Gordon Ramsay was telling Melissa, a contestant of the eighth season of Hell’s Kitchen, that her dish was raw. Another contestant, Boris, took it upon himself to mock Ramsay saying “It’s raw” which Ramsay obviously overheard. He was called over and called a “buttface” and yelled at by Ramsay.

10. Ramsay Yelling About Caesar Salad

In a restaurant in Miami, Fleming, Ramsay is appalled that the kitchen does not know how to do a Caesar salad in the eleventh episode of the second season of Kitchen Nightmares. Here, he goes to the kitchen and after the cooks say it is a difficult dish, he replies “My gran could do better! And she’s dead.”

What are your favorite Gordon Ramsay moments? Which show is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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