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15 Of The Goofiest White Elephant Gifts

15 Of The Goofiest White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant. Yankee Swap. Dirty Santa. Whatever name you call this game, it is a fun game to bring to a work party, or to do with friends and family. If you’ve never played this game, we’ll tell you the rules of the game. The point is to bring a gag gift. Something that nobody would actually want, that makes it more fun. The chances you get stuck with something super strange are high. If everyone brings something that you actually want, the steals in the game might become too personal. We recommend keeping the game light and fun with weird and random gag gifts. What kind of gift should you bring to the game? Well, we’ve got you covered in that department. Here are fifteen of the goofiest white elephant gifts. But first, we’ll tell you the rules of the game.

How To Play White Elephant

In order to play, you’ll need plenty of people. The more the merrier and the greater the competition becomes. Everyone must bring a wrapped gift to the party. Then, you’ll need to draw numbers to decide the order you’ll go in. The first player takes a gift from the center and unwraps it. The second player can then either steal the gift from the first player, or choose to unwrap another gift. This continues as you go through everyone playing. If do you get your gift stolen, you can steal someone else’s gift or choose someone else’s until there are none left to unwrap. A gift can only be stolen once during a turn, meaning if you get your git stolen you can’t immediately steal it back from them. After every player has had a turn, the first player then has a chance to steal from someone else again, this continues again down the line, until everyone is satisfied with the gift they are holding. A popular variation of the game is that each gift is limited to three steals. The last time the gift is stolen it is locked with that person and can no longer be stolen from, and they can no longer steal from someone else.

Okay, now that the rules of the game are covered, time to get into the fun, choosing which white elephant gift you’re bringing to the game.


1. Misfortune Cookies

The gift that keeps on giving. With this box of thirteen misfortune cookies, the person who gets this white elephant gift will have something to unwrap for more than just this game. We’re all well familiar with the fortune cookies you get when you eat Chinese food. But have you heard of these misfortune cookies? Instead of a positive, optimistic fortune for you that promises something like a load of cash coming into your life sometime in the future, the misfortune cookie would promise the opposite. One example misfortune you can find in this lovely box is one that says “At least I believe in you. Me, a piece of paper”. Hopefully the person who gets stuck with this gift doesn’t get too butthurt. Or maybe it’ll fall into the right person’s hands who needs an ego check.

2. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a great accessory, you’ve go to admit. Their easy accessibility, always at the ready on your waist, and they minimizes the chances of being pickpocketed. Who wouldn’t want one? Well, maybe one that doesn’t make you look like you have a beer belly. Seriously though, this is a great choice when deciding on a white elephant gift to purchase. So you’ve got a beer belly; if you got it, flaunt it.


3. Pooping Pooches Calendar

Everybody needs a way to keep track of the days with appointments, meetings, vacations, and obviously a calendar is the best way to do that. Why not bring this pooping pooches calendar to the game? Who cares if there are twelve pictures of dogs pooping, the actual calendar still works, right?


4. A Swear Word Coloring Book For Adults

We all need to release some frustration every now and then. It is scientifically proven that swearing helps reduce those feelings of frustration and create an overall feeling of calm. Well, maybe it’s not actually scientifically proven, but it makes sense. You can combine swearing with a naturally calming activity like coloring and it’ll actually prove to be a helpful white elephant gift. You’re just looking out for your friends and promoting a mindful, stress-reducing activity when you bring this game to the party.

5. FaceCradle Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is utterly ridiculous, but might be comfortable? We don’t know for sure. But what better way to test it out than by giving it to someone as a white elephant gift. Although it looks really weird, like your levitating from a massage table head holder. It might be the next best travel pillow. Be sure to check up on your friend who goes home with this travel pillow after they’ve used it. Maybe you’ll add it to your Christmas list, who knows.


6. Death Wish Coffee

A majority of people are coffee drinkers so you can’t go wrong with bringing a bag of coffee to the white elephant game. The only trick is that this company claims to be the world’s strongest coffee. Maybe you all can give it a try. Who’s gonna be able to sleep after this cup of joe?


7. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a holiday staple. Everyone needs one for those ugly sweater days at work or ugly sweater themed Christmas sweater party. Embrace the full meaning of ugly with this ugly Christmas sweater. So many people wear those “ugly” ones that are actually pretty cute. Bring this sweater to the white elephant party and share with others that you understand what a ugly sweater truly means. (Hopefully, you don’t end up with your own gift though)

8. Pizza Throw Blanket

Everybody likes pizza. That’s a fact. So why not bring this pizza blanket to the white elephant game. People will be fighting over this gift no doubt.


9. Lightsaber Umbrellas

There’s got to be a Star Wars fan among your group of white elephant players. And an umbrella is useful so it’s not totally a wasteful gift. It’s actually pretty cool. We might even want this white elephant gift. Can we come to your party and steal this gift for ourselves?


10. The Hungover Cookbook

We know it’s hard to stomach anything the morning after a night full of drinking. With this cookbook though, perhaps you can keep something down. Complete with plentiful of recipes, mind games, jokes, and quizzes to see if you’re still drunk. Someone playing has got to find this humorous but secretly want it, making it a great white elephant gift choice.

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11. Santa Dog and Cat Costume

This one is actually adorable. It’ll be fun to see who fights over this white elephant gift at your party. Many people have a dog or cat so it shouldn’t be any worry if you’re thinking about this one to bring to the game. The competition is on with this Santa dog and cat costume. Be sure to see the pics of their pet all dressed up!


12. Shark Slippers

Slippers are a safe gift choice for anyone on Christmas. But some fun shark ones to make your white elephant game just that much weirder and interesting. Why not, right? Someone will wear them, and if not, well they can regift it to someone else.

13. Friends Turkey Sheet Mask

Remember that one episode where Monica puts the turkey on her head with the sunglasses and Chandler ends up telling Monica that he loves her? Now you can wear a turkey on your head with this super refreshing face mask. Have a laugh as you seen someone rock this turkey mask. Plus, it only costs five bucks.


14. Bath and Shower Soap Noodles

These soapy noodles look just like ramen. Whoever gets this white elephant gift can enjoy a bath soaking in a bathtub of noodles while enjoying a bowl of ramen, too. We’re not complaining if we get stuck with this gift.


15. Debatable Party Game

Keep the games going with this party game. With each card you and your friends can debate the topics such as this one “Are you considered naked if you have socks on?” Or which brownie piece is better the center or an edge? By bringing this game to the white elephant game, you can be playing games all night!

Which one of the fifteen goofiest white elephant gifts will you bringing to your holiday party?