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10 Good Qualities In A Roommate You Should Look Out For

Finding a roommate can seem daunting. A good roommate can make or break a dorm or apartment experience. When looking for a roommate, there are qualities to look for to make sure you are compatible. Here are some good qualities in a roommate that you should look for.

1. They pay their share of rent and utilities on time.

While emergencies come up and they may have delays in payment, having to cover every month without being paid back is not fair to you. A good roommate pays consistently and pays you back if you have to cover.

2. They do their fair share of the chores.

Chores have to be done, but it is unfair to have one person do everything. Keep track of who does what and make sure your roommate does his/her share of work.

3. You have similar tastes.

While you may have some differences, having similar tastes in some things, like décor and music, can eliminate tension. It also gives you things to talk about.

4. You agree on the bedroom arrangements.

If you want a studio and they want two bedrooms, disagreements are sure to arise. Make sure you agree to the living arrangements and budget before going all-in.

5. You get along for the most part.

While disagreements come up occasionally, be sure that you are able to resolve issues. If you are constantly arguing, you will constantly be stressed and the roommate is not right for you.

6. They follow the basic rules you have agreed to.

If you ask that they inform you if they are having someone over and they constantly do not tell you, that is a sign of disrespect. You need to set up courtesy rules and make sure your roommate follows them.

7. They communicate well.

If your roommate refuses to communicate problems going on and is consistently slipping on certain things, you will not know what is going on. Keeping you in the loop is a crucial role of a roommate.

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8. They are respectful.

Even if you disagree, they need to respect your opinion. A good roommate will not spread rumors or show disrespect on certain issues.

9. They are able to adapt well.

Circumstances change on occasion. It is important for your roommate to adapt well to change, especially when things are out of your control.

10. They are not judgmental.

A dorm or apartment needs to be a safe place for you and a roommate. Being judged in your home is not a good thing, especially in a world that is so judgmental. Ideally, you’ll find all of these good qualities in a roommate.

What are some good qualities in a roommate that you look for? Let us know in the comments below!
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