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10 Amazingly Good Places To Eat In Boston

10 Amazingly Good Places To Eat In Boston

I’ve spent the past two years indulging in some of the best sweet treats, savory meals, and allergen-friendly options that this city has. I’ve finally narrowed down my list of top restaurants to visit, so here are my top 10 amazingly good places to eat in Boston.

Boston is an eclectic city that holds some of the oldest history in the country. When you’re walking the streets of Boston you’ll pass markings of where the Freedom Trail once was. You’ll pass cemeteries that hold Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds, nationalities, careers, and countries. What makes Boston so great is the rich history, the incredibly powerful people, and the delicious food. I’ve spent the past two years indulging in some of the best sweet treats, savory meals, and allergen-friendly options that this city has. I’ve finally narrowed down my list of top restaurants to visit, so here are my top 10 amazingly good places to eat in Boston.

Boston Public Market

Living in Boston has thrown me into the world of food and allowed me to discover the Boston Public Market. It is a hub for everything from assorted meats and cheeses to macarons and kitchen accessories. What makes this market so unique is that it has local vendors from Massachusetts so you’re not only buying goods that are good for you but you’re supporting your community as well. Jennifer Lee’s Bakery is my favorite spot for a warm panini or a soft chocolate chip cookie. All of their food options are top-8 free so I know that no matter what I choose I can feel safe knowing that I won’t get sick. My other favorite spot is Finesse Pastries, they offer soft and chewy seasonal flavored macarons (some of the best I’ve ever had). Whether you want Donuts from Somerville, Cider from Phillipson, or flowers from Stowe you can find a wide variety of Massachusetts small businesses within the Boston Public Market.

Ocean Sushi

If you’re looking for mind-blowing, taste bud shaking, leave you craving more sushi then Ocean Sushi is the place you need to be! Ocean Sushi is in the greater Boston area right in the small town of Melrose. I am a self-proclaimed sushi connoisseur and I can honestly say that I’ve never had sushi this delicious until I discovered Ocean Sushi. It also doesn’t hurt that the staff is extremely friendly especially the host Lee, who always greets you with a smile. There are so many amazingly good places to eat in Boston!


I first discovered Terramia a few years ago and have been dreaming about their food since. This charming restaurant is nestled in the North End of Boston among history and very Italian culture. For me, because I am Italian I felt right at home among the locals. This restaurant is perfect for a small family dinner, bridal shower, engagement, or romantic date. Each table creates a sense of intimacy and the atmosphere is very old world Italian. My favorite dish from Terramia is their flourless chocolate cake, not just because it’s gluten-free but because it’s the very best chocolate cake that I’ve ever had. They place the rich and creamy cake on a white plate and compliment it with swirls of raspberry drizzle. It’s definitely worth the trip to the North End!

J.P. Licks

The Summer in Boston can be exciting, adventurous, and very hot which means that you’ll need something to cool you down. My favorite spot for something sweet is J.P. Licks because they’re fast, friendly, and always busy so you know their ice cream is the best! Their flavors change each month which keeps your taste buds satisfied, and they also offer dairy-free, gluten-free options. Whether you want an ice cream cake, shake, one scoop in a cup or three on a cone with way too many sprinkles, J.P. Licks has it all!

Flour Bakery

The first time I ate at Flour Bakery I ordered their gluten-free tuna fish sandwich. I took my first bite and said out loud “this isn’t gluten-free”. I marched up to the counter terrified that I was just poisoned by gluten and even after they assured me that it was gluten-free I still asked for the ingredient list and sure enough it was. Their bread was so soft and flavorful that it was unlike any other bread I’ve had. Their bakery is filled with lemon ginger scones, pastry cream, and chocolate filled brioche, hand shaped buttery croissants, roasted lamb on focaccia bread, and even chia seed pudding.

Kanes Donuts

There is something so nostalgic about visiting a donut shop, and when you open the door the sugary air inside hits your nose and your mouth starts to water while browsing all of the various flavors. Kanes Donuts has given us back a classic experience with a twist because they have some pretty spectacular donuts. They have classics like Boston Cream and Maple Bacon and unique flavors like Honey Blueberry Pie in April, Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale in October, and Eggnog in December.

Mr. Crêpe

Desserts and hot meals are important but so are savory breakfasts and if you want to feel like a Parisian without the cost of a plane ticket then you must visit Mr. Crêpe in Boston. Their Somerville location is located in the heart of the city, downtown among fun shops and an outdoor flea market. Their savory dishes can include classic options such as cilantro, scallions, and basil but my favorite Crêpes are their sweet gourmet ones. The dark Belgian chocolate Crêpes are out of this world! Just top them with a little-whipped cream and fresh berries and you’ll send your taste buds on one incredible journey. Also, they’re conveniently located across the street from J.P. Licks so when you finish your breakfast you can grab some refreshing ice cream.

Tavern in the Square

Have you ever been to a sports bar that wasn’t just a sports bar but more of a place to go with your family, on a date, or with your friends? I’ve been to Tavern in the Square to celebrate relationships, friendships, and to connect with family because this sports bar is a warm and welcoming place with great food. Whether you’re craving massive onion rings, endless poutine, or lamb meatballs they have it all!

Cask n’ Flagon

Cask n’ Flagon is the place to be before any big Red Sox game. If you want pretzel bread with butter and a tall beer on tap they’ve got you covered. If you want buffalo mac & cheese with gooey delicious ribs slathered in sauce, they’ve got that too. There’s nothing I love more than a nice plate of juicy burgers with a side of sweet potato fries.

Oath Pizza

Oath Pizza is last on this list but it’s far from being least. I’ve been a fan of Oath Pizza for so long that I should be their spokesperson by now. I love their build your own pizza style, have it your way motto, and unbelievably addictive pizza. Their Luau pizza is my favorite because I get to load it with extra dairy-free cheese, any veggies that I choose and plenty of pineapples because I fully believe that pineapple belongs on pizza.

What do you think of these amazingly good places to eat in Boston? Let us know in the comments below!
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