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Going To Prep School On The Upper East Side (Without Blair Waldorf’s Bank Account)

Going To Prep School On The Upper East Side (Without Blair Waldorf’s Bank Account)

Prep school on the Upper East Side is nothing like Gossip Girl, unless there is never before seen footage of Blair taking a train at 6am coffee-less.

“Is it just like Gossip Girl!?” No, prep school on the Upper East Side is literally nothing like Gossip Girl, unless there is never before seen footage of Blair and Serena taking the 6 train every morning, or buying a $1 donut from the cart on the corner. Unfortunately, I missed out on the chic outfits and shopping sprees, but I can’t complain.

1. Did Blair ever miss out on a latte? Doubt it.

Passing through Grand Central every morning, the many fine coffee establishments, with lines similar to those seen at Disney World in tourist season, tempt me with the promise of a sugary treat to make the 10 minutes on the subway more bearable. The problem? My latte costs over $5! Having to budget your week and fit in as much Starbucks as you want is NOT a problem Blair ever had to face.


2. Time to refill that Metro Card. Unless of course, you take Chuck’s limo.

$2.75 per swipe. Not that bad. Until you have to use your own cash and decide that getting to school is more important than a caffeinated beverage. Not only is it annoying to have to refill, but that’s an extra 5 minutes in the cavernous hell that lies underneath New York City. Taking a cab is a luxury, but some days the subway routine needs a break.



3. Who’s hungry?

Sadly, me. Lunch for me typically consists of a quick run to Dunkin’ Donuts for a donut and an iced coffee. I don’t have a Chuck Bass flying to Paris for my macaroons, though it isn’t uncommon to stop by Lauduree for a treat, which, I must say, is definitely something unique to the UES experience.

4. Happy birthday to… everyone?

While independently not many high school girls like myself have the economic freedom of a five star dining experience, when it comes to celebratory dinners we’re sponsored by the ones who make it possible – mom and dad. Birthday dinners at places like Nobu and Tao are the norm.


5. The fashion! The shopping! 5th Avenue!

I spent four years wearing a god-awful plaid kilt to school, with the privilege of a light blue skirt in the fall and spring. Not terrible, but definitely not comparable to the wardrobes of Blair and Serena. And who carries money for a 5th Ave shopping spree after school?

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6. We definitely picnicked on the MET steps though, right?

Wrong. Not only is that SO touristy, but who has time for that? In my free time after school, my best friend and I would walk to Grand Central and grab an ice cream, coffee, or crepe along the way.



All in all, it’s safe to say Queen Bee’s lifestyle does not go hand in hand with going to school on the UES. But coming from the suburbs, I can for sure say that the experience is so much more enriching than the usual town high school.

There’s no lying, I know I loved it- xoxo NOT Gossip Girl.

What else happens when you go to prep school on the Upper East Side? Let us know in the comments below!
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