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Why Going To College Undecided Is Perfectly OK

Why Going To College Undecided Is Perfectly OK

You’re asked it from the time you’re five years old. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At the time you probably said that you wanted to be a doctor or a princess with a smile on your face. There weren’t any boundaries in your way and you could be anything you wanted.  As you get older though, when people asked you what you wanted to be your stomach turned into knots. Sure, there were things that you liked to do, but what if you weren’t good enough at it? Or it wouldn’t make you a lot of money? Or your parents didn’t want you to do it? It finally became time to get serious about your future when college rolled around. Being a princess was no longer an acceptable answer for what you might like to be one day. Sure, you could declare a pre-med or business or art history major, but what if you really had no clue what you wanted to be? That’s why going to college undecided is perfect for most people.

Here's why going to college undecided can be a good thing!

1. You Have A Variety of Interests

When you go into college undecided you can really explore your options. Let’s say you have a variety of interests. You might like economics and writing. Instead of having to decide right away, take an intro econ class and a basic writing course to see what feels right.  The beauty of going into school undeclared is that you don’t have any specific requirements right off the bat. So, you can take a variety of classes that you’re actually interested in to narrow your choices down.

Here's why going to college undecided can be a good thing!

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2. You Won’t Be Switching Majors

Plus, if you were to declare a major right away, you might end up regretting your initial major. A lot of students will end up switching majors at some point during their college career anyways. If you were to pick a major and switch it during your sophomore year, you’d have to completely start over. You’d waste thousands of dollars and hours of studying and going to class on a field that wasn’t right for you. This definitely one of the benefits of going to college undecided!

3. There’s No Rush

I personally went into college undecided. I had a general idea of what I wanted to study, so I took a couple of intro classes in all the different areas that I liked. If I liked the class, I’d take the next one and then the next. Because of this tactic, I ended up in a major I really love and am excited about! I didn’t even declare it until my sophomore year, so there’s really no rush. Just make sure that you love what you’re studying before you rush to declare a major in it!

What other benefits are there to going to college undecided? Let us know in the comments below!

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